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  1. Teach you bully new tricks 1-Sit & advanced sit

    I thought im going to write few simple blog posts on how to teach your bully new tricks (by no means im not a dog trainer -im just a stubborn Pole
    I think this first few posts -before we go to more difficult stuff will be beneficial to new owners
    as a example im going to use Lilly hearing EB and Shy deaf AB cross (So this command can be applied to hearing and deaf dogs - with defies replace command name witch chosen hand signal and add a hand signal before and after the command) ...
  2. Worming your bullies -everything you need to know

    Dangers of worms in dogs its not something we should ignore , no matter how well we all care for our bullies they can still get worms -they can be not only dangerous to them but also to us -humansNot every owner worm their dogs and i cannot stress enough the importance of worming our beloved companions.In this small blog post i will list as much information about worming and worms as i can to give you in depth information that will hopefully encourage those who dont worm their dogs ,or give a little ...
  3. Bulldog daily check up

    Hi guys even tho i posted this on the forum , i thought im going to put this on my blog for easy access
    i thought i share with you what i have always done with my girls -what i like to call "bulldog mini check up "

    1) nose -even tho most bulldogs have a naturally dry nose make sure it is not cracking ,make sure nose rope is clean and doesn't smell (this could indicate yeast infection)

    2) eyes -they should be nice clear eyes with no gunk ,redness or swelling- ...
  4. Resource Guarding explined from my expierience

    Resource Guarding - i think each and every one of us experienced it at some point -it is a natural canine behavior, in fact thinking about it it is also human natural behavior - think "personal possession protection as well as jealousy".-Because dogs are really no different that us humans they can take extreme measures to protect their possessions
    In some cases Dogs can show extreme resource guarding toward humans and other dogs -it ...

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  5. Calendar

    As sports start up my calender quickly fills up as I have one child that plays sports year round. My son plays football for the junior high and my one twin plays softball only and then there is my youngest twin she plays softball, football and wants to do tae kwon do they all will be taking tae kwon do but she is the one that would play every sport I think. What bugs me is I can't take Sheldon with me they have made it so that you can't bring your pets which I think stinks but I understand that ...