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  1. My two sons

    by , 05-11-2014 at 02:33 PM (The chronicles of a tired person)
    Today is Mother's Day and though I do not have any human children, I do have two little boys who happen to be covered in fur and walk on all 4's. They truly are my kids. They can be as naughty as toddlers and are always up to something. They make me laugh each and every day. They bring joy into my life and I thank God every day for them. I also tell Finn and Tate how lucky I am that they are in my life. They look at me and seem to understand what I'm saying. Sometimes they'll even nod their heads ...
  2. Lovey-Dovey

    by , 05-10-2014 at 11:13 AM (The chronicles of a tired person)
    I'm sitting here with Tate on my lap (he's sleeping). Finn is on his (actually it's mine but whatever), beanbag chair. It's just another snuggly-cuddly Saturday and I feel like posting some pics of me and my two love-loaves hamming it up for the camera with hugs 'n kisses. The first row are me and Finny from a couple months ago and the last row are Tate and I this morning.

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  3. Life's a Beach

    by , 05-09-2014 at 09:51 PM (The chronicles of a tired person)
    I felt the need to blog again. I love writing things out whether in a journal or blogging. And with Tate and Finn growing up so quickly, I really feel a need to document their lives more.

    Today I had a day off from work and my favorite thing to do on my day off is to be with my two boys. They're my top priority and because I work out of the house 40 hours a week, they deserve my full attention on my off days.

    So, we took off to the beach this morning. What a beautiful day ...
  4. Its been a while

    Ok so I know its been a while but so much has been going on, I recently took on taking care of my parents as well as my MIL and my kids and well you all know anyway my Dad was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and we are doing our best to deal with this new development, I went and traded my Nissan Pathfinder in and got a Chevy Traverse I needed something a little better on gas and this seems to be with room to match. We are also coaching my twins softball team so everyday with everything going ...
  5. Teach you bully new tricks 2-down(lie down )

    before we learn command "down " that i think is one of few important one to learn i wanted to give you all some tips: (i will post this in every blog post before actual command )
    1) if your bully is food orientated you are in a luck !
    2) if your bully does is not food orientated -dont panic ,buy a toy , and use it only for training as a reward - its is dead simple to teach your fur baby to love and be crazy about his new toy - simply wave the ball (or another object) in from of ...
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