Introducing Mabel who wants a NO KIDS / NO PETS homeMabel just turned 4 in January. She is a purebred English Bulldog who has had a rough start being owned by several breeders. She was bred at a young age and then dumped once her last litter was sold due to her behavioral quirks.
Mabel is a typical sassy bulldog girl for sure and will require a bully savvy home.
She would prefer a quiet home as she is startled by loud noises. Her perfect day would involve being with her humans at all times.
In her prior life, she wasn’t treated like one of the family, an indoor dog, so she needs to be watched to prevent mischief! If she’s left to her own devises….she will chew. Crating while not being monitored can fix this. She loves her crate and enjoys sleeping in it even with the door open!
Due to Mabel just starting to learn to live the good life, we are looking for a home without kids or other pets. Consistency and exercise will help train her to be the dog she really wants to be and gain confidence! She does great on a leash and loves to walk!
This baby has come a long way, but has a lot more to learn and would thrive given the proper time and training. If you have the patience to give this girl a great home, please apply and ask for Mabel.

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