I am housetrained, purebred, a special needs pet, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.
Betsy's Story...

Betsy is the cutest teeny, tiny bulldog EVER!! She’s a little 10-year-old girl under 40 pounds. She loves her people more than anything in the world. Betsy will follow them around, gaze up at them, and ask for snuggles all day long. She loves giving kisses and is so cute that it is almost impossible not to just giver her kisses back all day long! Betsy loves her baths, comfy beds, and yummy snacks. She’s great in the car and loves short walks. She’s such a happy little girl and truly enjoys life for the first time in a long time.
Betsy was surrendered by her owner to the animal shelter. She was in such bad shape, that she couldn’t even stand. She seemed beyond hope and ended up on the euthanasia list. When an Almost Home Bulldog Rescue volunteer went to see her, they saw that when they spoke to her, her little corkscrew nub wiggled like crazy and she tried to get up for snuggles, but she simply couldn’t. The volunteer simply knew that they had to give this little girl a chance! They came back with a wagon so she would be comfortable when they took her from the shelter to bring to her foster home, and she was smiling the entire ride out of the shelter . Betsy was completely covered in dirt. Her collar so was filthy that it couldn’t even be unbuckled. When it finally did come off, they could see that her throat had been rubbed raw. She smelled absolutely awful from being unable to move when she had to go potty. This poor, tiny girl had been severely neglected and then dumped. It was beyond heartbreaking.
When Betsy went to the vet they discovered that she was extremely anemic and had a large, unidentified mass in her abdomen. Not knowing if the mass was pyrometra or a cancerous tumor, it was decided that she would have to be operated on to figure out if she could be saved or not. It turns out she could!!! The mass was a huge, benign tumor on Betsy’s ovary that was cured by her spay!
Betsy’s recovery has been nothing short of incredible!! Even though she had a big incision with stitches AND staples, within 2 days Betsy was feeling well enough to get up and walk outside to potty on her own! Every day that goes by, Betsy feels better and better. It’s reached a point where her foster family has to crate her to keep her from walking around too much while she heals from surgery. Betsy’s personality is coming out and she is a feisty little thing! She does well with most other male dogs, but is dominant and there are some dogs she simply will not tolerate. She gets pretty jealous when she feels she has to compete for her peoples’ attention, so a meet and greet with any potential doggie siblings will be absolutely necessary prior to her adoption.

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