Helena (aka: Squishy Teddy Bear)'s Story...

Helena is a sweet, 10-year-old lady that loves spending her days sleeping on comfy beds and asking for snuggles from her people. She’s a quiet old gal that is mellow until it’s time for food! Then she perks right up and bounces around until someone gives in to the adorable-ness! Helena enjoys being by her people, car rides, short walks, baths, belly rubs, and a good head scratch
Helena came to Almost Home Bulldog rescue in a very bad state. She was found as a stray and brought to the shelter, where rescue came in to save her! Helena had an extremely infected tail pocket, rotting teeth, severe dry eye, horrible ears, and was unable to see or hear much of anything. Her ears had gone for so long without being cleaned, that her ear canals are calcified and will be rigid for the rest of her life. She also had severe pyometra, which is a very serious infection of the uterus. This is an ailment that is pretty common with older female dogs that have not been spayed.
Pyometra is a life threatening condition and Helena was very lucky to have it removed in time to save her life. She has also had a dental and her ears cleaned and has been prescribed eye drops and she is like a whole new dog!! She can see and hear!! Now that she’s no longer in constant pain, she’s more active and is soooooo happy J Helena does not care for other dogs, however, sometimes she ok with dogs that just leave her alone. As long as they stay out of her way (and away from her food), and are unreactive, she doesn’t mind them all that much.
Helena is such a snuggly girl to have around. Anyone that would welcome her into their home would be so lucky to have her. If you’re interested in adding Helena to your family, please download our adoption questionnaire at almosthomebulldogrescue.org.

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