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  • Bulldog Poetry ~~ USED


    Author JeannieCO

    Used for breeding, you produced.

    Year after year you produced,
    until you could produce no more.

    Left to wonder I did, all those years you were used,
    used for breeding, how many did you produce?

    Used for breeding, you produced.

    Were you touched? Were you loved?

    Touched you were, and loved you were,
    by all those many babies you produced.

    Used for breeding, you produced.

    Left at the shelter you were…..why oh why,
    because you got old and could not produce.

    Left to a life unknown, a life with no touch, a life of no love,
    from the only life you once knew, a life that produced.

    Used for breeding, you produced.
    Where did you come from I asked myself?

    It didn’t matter really, because now you could no longer produce.

    One sunny day in May, I scooped you up,
    to a life now filled with endless touch and love!

    Why did you come to us I asked myself?
    Why? Because you were used for breeding and could not produce.

    No longer needed to produce,
    you were left to a life of uncertainty.

    You produced and you were used, but now,
    YOU are needed, YOU are touched and YOU are loved - for life!

    And no longer are you used for breeding to produce.

    Comments 7 Comments
    1. DudleysMom's Avatar
      DudleysMom -
      Beautiful...made me cry. Beautiful girl!
    1. Manydogs's Avatar
      Manydogs -
      You are a gift.
    1. harveyspecter's Avatar
      harveyspecter -
      very heartfelt, thank you.
    1. Texas Carol's Avatar
      Texas Carol -
      Could not help but cry but grateful tears at the end
      because of you & hubby's hearts of gold.
      Thank you, Jeannie, love your words & you & yours!
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
    1. Kevikell's Avatar
      Kevikell -
      The last 3 lines are my favorite! So sad, but with a wonderful ending.
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      I love reading this poem, makes me cry each time!