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  • 2014 English Bulldog News Heroes

    English Bulldog News is so blessed to have such an outstanding group of people, and the "English Bulldog News Hero Event" was created to honor those who go above and beyond for the community.

    This year English Bulldog News has provided help in so many ways. Between rescue fundraisers, answering approximately 1000 new threads per month, sponsorships and support, EBN and the members here have given their hearts and souls to our group. Tragedy and triumph has really been an ongoing theme this year. Many tears, both of sadness and of joy have been created. Together our group has really made the difference in so many bulldogs' lives. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people! Below are two people who will be honored for their tremendous and outstanding efforts throughout the year, and will be awarded with the coveted "English Bulldog News Hero" award.

    Our English Bulldog News Female Hero for 2014 has shown there is not a selfish bone in her body. She is almost always online and responds to almost every thread on the forum. She is all about helping other people and all about the bullies! If she does not have the answer for someone who needs help on the forum, she will tag someone who can. She is a great shoulder to lean on when you need a friend, and she has many times shown how selfless she is. When our fellow member and friend @RaRett had to find new homes for his fur-kids Gizmo and Hershey, Christine picked up both of them on two different days to bring them to their new homes. Christine doesn't even think twice about spending her day off helping another person in need. With a gift from EBN and delicious food in tow, she went to see RaRett at the hospital. Earlier this year she drove hundreds of miles to rescue Mia, fostered and helped get her into the Bumper bulldog rescue. Her support in hospice, rescue efforts, and planning of our Rescue Auctions, fundraisers, and events on English Bulldog News help bring so much success to these events each year.

    Yep, I am speaking of the one and the only
    2014 Female EBN Hero!

    Our English Bulldog News Male Hero for 2014 is quite the comedian. Yep, he's all about having fun and joking around. A laugh or smile and support when needed, he is always there to deliver! However, don't let that persona fool you too much, because he has the biggest heart when it comes to helping the bulldogs! He jumped in head first to help the rescues at any chance he could, and we all know he has an undying passion for the Bro Briefs which have raised quite a lot of funding toward the rescues! He currently cross posts for several of our rescues in the Bulldogs for Adoption section, as well as given tons of support through hospice, auctions and fundraisers for the bulldogs in need. In the tragic event that @RaRett had to rehome his bulldogs, this person did not give up on the idea of bringing one of them into his family, and now he has given Hershey a new home.

    You must know whom I speak of, none other than
    2014 Male EBN Hero!

    Awards created by our very own Cyndi @mavsfan4life, please check out her website at http://www.bellamerce.com/
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    1. Manydogs's Avatar
      Manydogs -
      Congratulations to two wonderful people on EBN! You are both very deserving of the awards, and have put in a lot of your time, advice, and concern for others, and the Bulldogs!!!
    1. Vikinggirl's Avatar
      Vikinggirl -
      Congratulations to both of you guys, this award is well deserved, you guys are awesome.
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      Awesome! You guys are outstanding!
    1. Pati Robins's Avatar
      Pati Robins -
      Congratulations to both of you for the well deserved awards xxxxx
    1. jimmyjj's Avatar
      jimmyjj -
      Great stuff guys. Congrats
    1. My Otis's Avatar
      My Otis -
      Congratulations to both of you guys, Love to both.
    1. My Otis's Avatar
      My Otis -
      Congratulations to Both of You on Your Awards.
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      Thank you all for the nomination and the award.... I am so touched you thought of me for this honor!
      I love this site, the members but most of all I just love all the bulldogs and want them to be happy and healthy, so a quick post or a nice drive to get a baby to a new home is the least I can do to help

      thanks again-- love you all
    1. Marine91's Avatar
      Marine91 -
      Congrats to both of you. The honor is well deserved.
    1. Bella and Dozers Dad's Avatar
      Bella and Dozers Dad -
      Congratulations to both of you as you so deserve the recognition for all you both do for EBN!!!!!
    1. dolphin's Avatar
      dolphin -
      If there are 2 people on the planet that deserve these awards it's you two.
    1. Petra's Avatar
      Petra -
    1. Rigginsluv11's Avatar
      Rigginsluv11 -
      Congratulations!!!! 😃😃😃👍👍👍👍
    1. ddnene's Avatar
      ddnene -
      Oh my goodness, this bring out the tears!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!!! I can NOT put into words how much you both mean to me personally, and to our EBN family… I do NOT know what I would of done w/out either of you this last year. I LOVE you both…

    1. Chumley's Avatar
      Chumley -
      I honestly think there are people more deserving than me but I am deeply touched and honored to receive this award. What a great surprise to receive the beautiful plaque in the mail yesterday. I joined EBN almost 2 years ago just to learn a little but more about the breed...I never even commented for about 4 months but I saw how close the group was and how helpful and selfless everybody was and I jumped in little by little..really there are so many more knowledgeable and active memebers who contribute more on a daily basis than I do and I am proud and humbled to accept the award. Thank you all! I love all of you guys!
    1. Ftse 100's Avatar
      Ftse 100 -

      Christine and Jim, you both deserve this award so much.

    1. mavsfan4life's Avatar
      mavsfan4life -
      Congrats @Chumley and @2BullyMama!!!! You both deserve the award I have been smiling for over a week as I created the designs and made your plaques......I love surprises!
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      Quote Originally Posted by mavsfan4life View Post
      Congrats @Chumley and @2BullyMama!!!! You both deserve the award I have been smiling for over a week as I created the designs and made your plaques......I love surprises!
      Thank you for the great work on the plaque.... It is beautiful!!!

    1. mc68mc's Avatar
      mc68mc -
      Congrats to both of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Texas Carol's Avatar
      Texas Carol -
      I'm overwhelmed with emotions as I see Christine & Jim's awards & crowned EBN's Hero's
      Two more deserving people could not have been chosen...my sincere Congratulations! I
      love, admire & respect both of you, EBN is blessed to have y'all...GOD bless & favor you
      and yours <3
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