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  • Introducing the New EBN Store!

    Welcome to English Bulldog News’ Store!

    English Bulldog News is pleased to announce its new store!

    The Members of English Bulldog News have many talents! So many wonderful talents that we have added a new store to the site where not only can you shop for items to help your fellow members succeed, but a portion of your purchases go toward the English Bulldog News’ Memorial Fund!

    The EBN Store works just like Ebay. You can "Buy It Now", bid on Auction items, and even leave "feedback".

    Just click the store link on the navigation bar or visit THIS LINK.

    We will be adding more items in the future, so please be sure to check back often!

    At the present time, only Staff members can sell in the EBN Store. After we have had the store up a few months, EBN’s goal is to also open it up to the Community Veterans.

    Please stop by each store and take a look. EBN’s store owners and EBN’s Memorial Fund thank you in advance for your patronage.

    Introducing the first EBN store shops!

    Bella Merce by Mavsfan4life

    Comfy Pet Pads by JeannieCO

    My Bulldog Loves Me Greeting Cards by Libra926

    Comments 10 Comments
    1. Vikinggirl's Avatar
      Vikinggirl -
      Wow. That's so cool. What a great idea.
    1. JennieS's Avatar
      JennieS -
      Love it!!!
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Absolutely love this!! Time to go shopping now.
    1. DudleysMom's Avatar
      DudleysMom -
      This is great!!
    1. boomsboo's Avatar
      boomsboo -
      wooo!!! I'm excited!!!
    1. Susie's Avatar
      Susie -
      Awesome idea!
    1. Abby&Jacks Mom's Avatar
      Abby&Jacks Mom -
      Great idea!
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Totally awesome!!!
    1. ALL4BULLDOGS's Avatar
    1. bjgrimes's Avatar
      bjgrimes -
      This is awesome!
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