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  • Members Spotlight: Gunnyhighway

    Hey Everyone! My name is Jeff and I live in Ohio. I am married to an amazing woman (that puts up with me and my shenanigans) and we have two awesome boys together. They are ages 8 (Dominic) and 6 (Gabriel) and keep us very busy. I am truly blessed with my amazing family!
    Ever since I was in the Marines I wanted a bulldog very badly. With the jobs and crazy schedules this was not possible for my wife and me. I would ask all the time and she would remind me of this and let me know it just wouldn’t be fair to this dog. Nine years and 2 kids later my youngest son had been asking for a dog for the past couple of years. He is a true dog lover. My wife finally caved and said we would get him a bulldog for his birthday. I was immediately mad and told her “I have been asking for a bulldog for nine years and he gets one first”. She just laughed at me. So I began to call several breeders trying to find a puppy that would be ready to bring home just in time for his birthday. This was a month of work till we found a breeder that could help us. We let our oldest son in on the secret hoping he could keep it. He went with me to pick out our new puppy 8 weeks before Gabe’s big day. Dominic fell in love with the new puppy when he picked him out. Dominic was never really fond of dogs, till now! I remember when we left and were on our way home he said “dad, I am going to go crazy waiting till we can bring him home”. When we got home I showed my wife a picture of the puppy Dominic picked out and said “that is Gunny”. After she said how cute he was she paused and asked me how he already had a name. I told her it was not negotiable since I had this name picked out since I was in the Marines and I absolutely love the movie Heartbreak Ridge. Needless to say she was not pleased with me. LOL! Dominic ended up keeping the ‘secret’ till Gabe’s birthday! The only bad part was that Gunny wasn’t ready to come home to us yet for another week. We bought him a bulldog stuffed animal and the breeder sent us pictures of Gunny we put into a photo album so he would have a big surprise on his big day. Gabe and I made the 4 hour drive to pick up Gunny and Gabe was in all his glory! His face was priceless when they first met. It was absolutely adorable. It all worked out perfect because now Dominic and Gabe have a bond with Gunny. Dominic got to pick him out and Gabe got to pick him up.

    I had no idea how head over heels I would be for Gunny myself. My wife says we are attached at the hip. Naturally this led to my addiction the EBN a few months ago. (This place is truly amazing and all the members are as well. I have been on a few forums for hobbies but none are even close to this! My hat goes off to the admin team!) We take Gunny everywhere we can with us and he is our 3rd child. I can’t imagine our house without him now!

    A little more about me:

    I played in bands in high school and had big dreams of playing in a successful band. I did play in an amazing band but I knew this would not pay the bills after high school. For some unknown reason I signed up for the Marines. I was just a punk kid with a lack of respect and no effort to make something of my life. The Marines quickly changed all that for me in 3 months of crazy and intense boot camp. It was hands down one (my wife is the other) of the best things I ever did for myself. I had 5 years of some of the best and hardest times of my life. I am now a Safety Manager for a large manufacturing facility.

    I am completely obsessed with baseball! Go Tribe! I watch it nonstop and also coach. Everyone in my life knows of this addiction and tolerates me through baseball season. Every year I partake in the Indians batting practice. I get to take batting practice off of Len Barker who was the last Indians pitcher to throw a perfect game.

    I have a very strong love for music still and play bass guitar and drums. I love pretty much all things music. I listen to just about everything. I am currently waiting on my very first completely custom bass guitar. I am beyond excited! I have dreamt of this day for many years.
    Well, that is me for the most part and I am thrilled I was asked to do this. I said it before but EBN is truly AMAZING!!

    Do you like reading more about the members of English Bulldog News? Make sure you check out the Member Spotlights section from the Home Page!

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    1. Chumley's Avatar
      Chumley -
      Great story Jeff! The pics of your boys and Gunny are priceless! Love the gunny pup pics too! Thanks for sharing. It's always great to hear about each other's lives. So how do you manage to get in on the batting practice? Lol.
    1. Manydogs's Avatar
      Manydogs -
      Very nice biography! Your 3 kids are so handsome! i love the picture of them hanging out the car window!(in a non-moving vehicle.) What?! No pics. of your wife?!! Shame on you......
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Great read, I love all the pictures of your kids and Gunny and I cannot believe he kept that secret!
    1. Ftse 100's Avatar
      Ftse 100 -
      I really love this section on EBN getting to know everyone better, your three kids pictures are all great photos but I missed not seeing your wife.
      Thank you for sharing your story and sound like a real nice person and I am glad you joined EBN
    1. Pati Robins's Avatar
      Pati Robins -
      Fantastic story ;-) but...where is the picture of your lovely wife xxx
    1. Bazza's Avatar
      Bazza -
      I have just discovered this section LOL, what a great story, I can relate to the Gunny growing up with your boys, because our bulldog as grown with our two boys and they are all brothers. Love the way you named him !!!! Just awesome, thanks.
    1. ddnene's Avatar
      ddnene -
      I LOVED your story Jeff, your boys are adorable!!! Thanks for your service to our country
    1. GunnyHighway's Avatar
      GunnyHighway -
      Make sure you check out the link to the YouTube video too! Sorry for the lack of pics of my wife. She hates pictures taken of herself but I will find a way to get a few up on the forum!
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      OMG.... The video brought tears to my eyes! ' he is going to be very very special!' .... Thanks for sharing and most of all thanks for serving our country

    1. Tkelley's Avatar
      Tkelley -
      Great story! What handsome boys you have! I have a friend that used to do the batting practice with the Diamondbacks. I'm sure that's a lot of fun. Though I must say it's too bad it's not the Reds we are talking about but that's just the Cincinnati girl in me coming out!
    1. JennieS's Avatar
      JennieS -
      Great story! Thank you for sharing. Love the photos!
    1. bella100's Avatar
      bella100 -
      Great story and all of your pictures are adorable!!

      - - - Updated - - -
    1. cali baker's Avatar
      cali baker -
      What a wonderful bio! I loved reading about you and your awesome family, Jeff!
    1. dolphin's Avatar
      dolphin -
      What a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing, you've got 3 great boys there.
    1. ChrisRN's Avatar
      ChrisRN -
      Very nice! Your photos are wonderful! The boys sure love their bully!
    1. GunnyHighway's Avatar
      GunnyHighway -
      Here is the YouTube video of Gabe finding out about his birthday present.

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    1. brutus77's Avatar
      brutus77 -
      Great story. I love all the pics. You have a really Great family.
    1. Dana F's Avatar
      Dana F -
      Thanks for sharing your story. You are truly blessed
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      What a great story Jeff and the video of Gabe was too cute!!
    1. Rural mystic's Avatar
      Rural mystic -
      Appreciate the bio, you have a nice family, including the bulldog.