• What is a Tail Pocket on and English Bulldog?

    A tail pocket is a little hidden cave under a bulldog's tail.
    Many new bulldog owners are not even aware that it exists, unless it becomes a problem.

    Do all bulldogs have tail pockets?

    No. Many English Bulldogs do not have tail pockets at all, but it is more common to have one than to not have one. To find out, you will need to feel at the base of the tail and see if there is any space there that does not see the light of day.

    As show above in the photo, the tail pocket is directly below the tail, but above the anus. If your bulldog has no tail pocket, all you will feel is the base of the tail. Bulldogs with gay tails are usually the lucky ones who have no tail pockets at all. A gay tail is a tail that sticks straight up and rarely lays flat.

    Tail Pocket Care

    It is important to keep the tail pocket clean and dry. If anything gets inside a tail pocket, especially a deep one, it is the perfect place to get infested with yeast or bacteria. It is a dark, moist place and can literally become a problem over night.

    If you clean it and there is any color coming out, something is growing in there. Greyish green, Dark Brown/Reddish, and orange yellow are not good, and can be hard to treat.

    The most important thing while cleaning a tail pocket is to keep it DRY. Using a cleanser with a drying agent in it is best, and you should never clean a tail pocket with just baby wipes or a wet cloth. This will give the yeast/bacteria more moisture to thrive.

    Click here to read how other members clean and maintain their bulldogs' tail pockets.

    No Tail Pocket?

    Check for a tail pocket every few months. A puppy may not have a tail pocket the first 6 months but could get one later as they start to fill out and their bones become wider and thicker. Some bulldogs don't get a tail pocket until they are mature adults.

    Here is another article written by JeannieCO on cleaning and grooming your bulldog, check it out

    The Proper Way to Clean Ears, Nose Ropes, Folds, Tail Pockets and Vulva

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    1. Tyler James's Avatar
      Tyler James -
      Thank you never knew tht
    1. Bellathebully's Avatar
      Bellathebully -
      My Bella has the biggest tail pocket, which is even painful to clean. I thought this was not common in bully's until I read Thai! Thank u
    1. Bunny's Avatar
      Bunny -
    1. devlishangelinca's Avatar
      devlishangelinca -
      We found out the hard way with Boris when he got an infection. We had been cleaning under the tail and around the anus daily but didn't know there was a pocket and his is deep. Since his infection in November, we've been using medicated wipes. He's such a good boy and lays down to let me clean him. No issues since then but I feel horrible that he got an infection.
    1. Buddy32825's Avatar
      Buddy32825 -
      From what I very recently discovered, Dr.'s will refer to the wrinkle OVER the tail as a tail pocket also. My dog had a corkscrew tail and the wrinkle over his tail was so deep you can insert your finger up to your second knuckle.....very deep pocket and highly prone to infection. He had over a 2 inch corkscrew tail that you could only see the very tip of. The pocket and tail are completely gone now.
    1. JennieS's Avatar
      JennieS -
      Thank you for this! Brutus has a deep tail pocket and i cleaned it last night and a bunch of hair and grossness came out. I'm going to have to clean it daily.
    1. ddiizzyy's Avatar
      ddiizzyy -
      My bulldog has a tail pocket and she hates it when i clean it.
    1. EyeLoveOurBully's Avatar
      EyeLoveOurBully -
      Thank you!!! i feel awful that i had NO idea this even existed!! I finally found one on our bully puppy after reading this and pulled a bunch of (thankfully dry) hair out of it. I hope it isn't too deep, and I'm still slightly afraid to explore it more (esp after his confused reaction...), but I will! Any advice is appreciated!!
    1. Seline Weiskopff's Avatar
      Seline Weiskopff -
      Thank you I didnt know this ! I will be checking Molly
    1. Christie H's Avatar
      Christie H -
      My girl hates hers cleaned but our boy loves it.His is pretty tight but I get in there.
    1. Paul Stott's Avatar
      Paul Stott -
      what do you use to clean it ie a cloth ,wet wipe etc etc
    1. TyTysmom's Avatar
      TyTysmom -
      Quote Originally Posted by Paul Stott View Post
      what do you use to clean it ie a cloth ,wet wipe etc etc
      Baby wipe, with witch hazel. Or witch hazel pads, which is the same thing, just more expensive. (Tucks)
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      Quote Originally Posted by TyTysmom View Post
      Baby wipe, with witch hazel. Or witch hazel pads, which is the same thing, just more expensive. (Tucks)
      Same here.... witch hazel on a cotton pad
    1. Christie H's Avatar
      Christie H -
      Quote Originally Posted by Paul Stott View Post
      what do you use to clean it ie a cloth ,wet wipe etc etc
      I use a heavy duty papertowel..no wipes.Sometimes a washcloth
    1. Wani Osman's Avatar
      Wani Osman -
      Just discovered that my Lola (age 5 months) has a tail pocket! We didnt think she has one because her tail is a combination of screw and gay, and lays flat (pictures on her instagram: Miss_Lola_Bulldog). Not sure what it meant by a "deep" pocket, i dug around and its about half an inch going in! It does have brown bits and some redness in the area - probably because since we got her we have not been paying attention to that area.

      Thanks for the share on how to clean the pocket. I made the mistake of using water and not drying the area. Hope i didnt activate/promote bacterial growth. Im going to stock up on rubber gloves, witch hazel for now.
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