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  • Fromm's World Funniest Bulldog Has Been Decided!

    Fromm Family Foods has chosen this contest winner, and they have decided that Diane Brizendine Slocum and her photo of her bully and hubby got the most giggles from their staff, naming them "The Worlds Funniest Bulldog" for this contest!

    Diane will recieve a free 26lb bag of Fromm!

    Thank you to all the participants of this contest! Your next opportunity to win Free Fromm is right now!

    Enter the Fromm Family Foods What I Did on my Bully Summer Vacation Contest!

    Comments 19 Comments
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      LOL..... congrats!!
    1. Pati Robins's Avatar
      Pati Robins -
      Great picture! Congratulations xx
    1. Marine91's Avatar
      Marine91 -
      Great pic! Congrats!
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
      Loved this photo~!!!
    1. ddnene's Avatar
      ddnene -
      Great pic... Congrats!!!
    1. goobers mom's Avatar
      goobers mom -
      Love love love this pic congrats
    1. Texas Carol's Avatar
      Texas Carol -
      Just hilarious, thank you for sharing, Diane and 'Congratulations!'
    1. BruceP's Avatar
      BruceP -
      Congrats, Diane!!!
    1. Chumley's Avatar
      Chumley -
      great pic! CCongratulations!!
    1. Ftse 100's Avatar
      Ftse 100 -
      Congratulations Diane Great pict
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      That's wonderful!
    1. hnhammond's Avatar
      hnhammond -
      Hahahahaha!!! This is JUST like how my boyfriend and Matilda sleep. So hilarious! Only a bully would sleep like this...
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      This picture is just too funny! Congratulations!!
    1. sillyheadbon's Avatar
      sillyheadbon -
    1. wheezer's Avatar
      wheezer -
      Congrats!!! This is a hilarious picture!! LOL
    1. JennieS's Avatar
      JennieS -
      I know i'm late but I LOVE this photo. Every time I log in and see it on the home page I just laugh and laugh.
    1. Rural mystic's Avatar
      Rural mystic -
      I'm late too but its a great pic
    1. kanderson's Avatar
      kanderson -
      Hahahaha, Congrats!! So cute.
    1. Bulldogmd's Avatar
      Bulldogmd -
      NOW!!!! That's how to love a EB, and let him love you back. Great pic.
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