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  • Poem ~~ No Place Like Home

    No Place Like Home

    Author MickisMom

    They discarded you like an old worn out shoe.

    I looked in your soulful eyes, so helpless and true
    You were coming home with me, yes I will take this sad girl.

    Your bulldog grin, your loving soul
    You soon became part of our crew.

    I fall more in love with you every day
    You're a part of my life forever to stay.

    My heart melts when I look in those bulldog eyes
    How anyone could give you up, you're perfect, I ask why.

    It breaks my heart to imagine what you went through
    But I am forever thankful you were their worn out shoe.

    Sophie you are my Ruby Red Slippers, Minola Blaniks, Jimmy Choo.

    Thank You for rescuing me!!!

    Comments 7 Comments
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Beautiful poem and so glad she was rescued.
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
    1. sheshistory's Avatar
      sheshistory -
      Great poem...and what a pair! They are adorable!
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Love it!
    1. Rural mystic's Avatar
      Rural mystic -
      That is fantastic. From the heart and so true
    1. DudleysMom's Avatar
      DudleysMom -
      I just saw this -- just so sweet!
    1. Texas Carol's Avatar
      Texas Carol -
      Beautiful words & beautiful heart, your crew (and family) is blessed
      under your care and being with you in your home, thank you for sharing
      with us, may GOD continue to favor you!