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  • Moderator of the Month June 2013

    Congratulations to @Sherry, our Moderator of the Month for June 2013.

    Whenever I think of Sherry, I think of a ray of light peaking through the clouds on a dreary day. She always brings sunshine to our forum with her kind words, helpful advice, and all of the sweet sillyness that we look forward to reading. She devotes herself to all the bulldogs in the world, as well as her own. She has been a rock for many members to lean on and is always following up to make sure those who were seeking help got through their problem okay. Without members like Sherry, EBN would not be what it is today. This is what it is all about. Contests are fun, Fundraisers are great, but it's those everyday sharing, caring, giggles and advice that is the staple of why we are all here. Her memory is sharp as a tack too, she will ask me something or remind me of something from awhile back I long had forgotten.

    Since Sherry has the "Twenty Paws" to care for, she certainly has much experience to share with us. She has certainly "Been there and done that!" I know I have personally seeked her expert advice and thank you Sherry for being their for me.

    We love hearing the stories of Grizz, Scrimps, Peggy Sue, Jack and Dolly, as well as seeing their photos--- which are pure bulldog eye candy! Thank you Sherry for all you do here on English Bulldog News and to you, it is an honor to have you.
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    1. Ftse 100's Avatar
      Ftse 100 -
      Congratulations Sherry, you deserve a or two to celebrate.
    1. TomVan's Avatar
      TomVan -
      Congratulations Sherry!
    1. Marine91's Avatar
      Marine91 -
      Congrats Sherry!
    1. Lisabear123's Avatar
      Lisabear123 -
      Congratulations Sherry! A big paws up to you!
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
      Congrats Sherry!!!
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      Woooooooooooo Woooooooooooooooo.... whoop there she is.... CONGRATS!!
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      Sherry! So very well deserved!
    1. dolphin's Avatar
      dolphin -
      ROCK is right. I have leaned on that rock a lot. Congratulations to the Bulldog Encyclopedia!!
    1. cowsmom's Avatar
      cowsmom -
      oh this is fantastic. yea sherry
    1. Sherry's Avatar
      Sherry -
      ohhhhh jeeeeesssseeeeee , you guy's are making me gush

      thank you all for the kind thoughts, I like being here with all of you
    1. cali baker's Avatar
      cali baker -
      Yay to you, Sherry!!! You are a rock all right, and you absolutely ROCK!
    1. gunnyboy's Avatar
      gunnyboy -
      Congrats Sherry !
    1. mavsfan4life's Avatar
      mavsfan4life -
      Congrats Sherry!!!!
    1. ddnene's Avatar
      ddnene -
      Congratulations Sherry... and keep up the good work
    1. bluesteelapd's Avatar
      bluesteelapd -
      Yippee!!!!! Congrats. ^5, well deserved.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Yippee!!!!! Congrats. ^5, well deserved.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Yippee!!!!! Congrats. ^5, well deserved.
    1. Chumley's Avatar
      Chumley -
      Sherry was so helpful when I was dealing with Chums problems recently..She spent so much time answering my questions and giving me greatvadvice while dealing with her own issues with Griz...Congratulations Sherry!
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      Awesomest!! Congrats Sherry!!!