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  • May 2013 Bullies and Their Moms Photo Contest Winners!

    The 4 Paw Members have cast their votes (Thank you 4 Paw Members!), and the results are in!

    Congratulations to bryanmetzger, the winner of our May 2013 contest!

    Congratulations to Riisi for being the Runner-Up!

    Thank you to all the 4 Paw members who voted!

    Interested in becoming a 4 Paw member? CLICK HERE to learn all about it!
    Comments 27 Comments
    1. mavsfan4life's Avatar
      mavsfan4life -
      Congratulations @bryanmetzger and @RiiSi
    1. AubreysMom's Avatar
      AubreysMom -
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      Awesome photo! Congrats to both of you!
    1. bryanmetzger's Avatar
      bryanmetzger -
      WOW!!! Thanks so much everyone!
    1. RiiSi's Avatar
      RiiSi -
      Thank you all! I'm so happy! Congrats @bryanmetzger, well deserved victory.
    1. dolphin's Avatar
      dolphin -
      Congratulations!! You should be proud those are great pics!
    1. bryanmetzger's Avatar
      bryanmetzger -
      Thank you and congrats as well!
    1. NigelsMom's Avatar
      NigelsMom -
      Congrats! such great pics!!
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Congratulations ladies!
    1. wheezer's Avatar
      wheezer -
      Congratulations!! Great pictures!!
    1. Casper's Avatar
      Casper -
      Congratulations, Thats what I call seeing eye to eye with your Bully!!
    1. Abby&Jacks Mom's Avatar
      Abby&Jacks Mom -
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      Wonderful Pictures!!
    1. Bossy Boots's Avatar
      Bossy Boots -
      Congratulations.Such wonderful photos of the bond that these guys have with there bully.Well deserved!
    1. Davidh's Avatar
      Davidh -
      Congrats to both of you, very nice pics.
    1. Valentine215's Avatar
      Valentine215 -
      Congrats! Great pics!
    1. Vikinggirl's Avatar
      Vikinggirl -
      Cute pics, congratulations
    1. Texas Carol's Avatar
      Texas Carol -
      Awesome pics, moms & bullies, thanks to everyone that submitted entries.

      Congratulations to bryanmetzger & RiiSi & beautiful, loving bullies!
    1. Wilsons Mom's Avatar
      Wilsons Mom -
      Congratulations to both of you!! Great photos!!!
    1. savannahgirl's Avatar
      savannahgirl -
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