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  • English Bulldog News First Annual Easter Egg Hunt Winner!

    Congratulations Annie for being the first to find the and also finding the most Easter Eggs! Annie beat bluesteelapd by finding 7 more eggs.

    The Golden Egg was hidden in Keep away from Banks, post #10.

    For finding the the most Easter Eggs, Annie has also won a set of beautiful greeting cards made by our very own @Libra926 with her new greeting card line My Bulldogs Me and will get to select 10 of her favorite cards from the 20 cards available.

    For finding the Golden Egg first, Annie also wins a 2013 English Bulldog News Calendar.

    For your enjoyment, here is a few examples of the My Bulldogs Me Greeting Card line!

    These cards are blank on the inside

    The Easter Eggs were hidden in the following threads. Eggs were hidden everywhere - new threads, old threads, and in anyone's posts.

    1. Bulldogs health... Bleeding pimples #3
    2. General... Ebn is a place of refuge #10
    3. Bulldog pics/photos.... Time to add a few more pics of Bauer #14
    4. General not bulldog talk... G I joe #8
    5. Bulldog photos/videos... New pics of Hugo #11
    6. Welcome and introductions... hello) #12
    7. General not bulldog talk... Happy Easter #8
    8. This or that... Skittles #5
    9. This or that... Peeps or jelly beans #17
    10. General bulldog talk... Reasons why bulldogs ruined other dogs for me #27
    11. Bulldog photos and videos... Rule #1-always close the door behind you #18
    12. Welcome and intro... Hi I'm Hercules #16
    13. Training and behavioral... Another Gretchen problem!!!! #15
    14. English bulldog daily poll... Why are you thankful for your bulldog? #11
    15. Bulldog photos and videos... Waiting for spring #11
    16. General not bulldog talk... Fav. Tv shows #19
    17. Bulldog photos and videos... Princess Gracie groovin to "I'm a gummy bear" #8
    18. General bulldog talk... Getting in the car #7
    19. General bulldog talk... April's 2nd bday #6
    20. Welcome... Amber meets her new sister ruby #9
    21. Members only... Ok, I can't hold back any longer#4
    22. Welcome... Miss abbey #7
    23. General not bulldog talk... At the car wash, lol #6
    24. Photos and videos/Another Fromm fan post #9
    25. photos and videos/20 paws roll in the dirt. Post #6
    26. photo and video themes/bully waistlines from above. Post #13
    27. photo and video themes/Bully goats. Post #1
    28. Bulldog health/puppy with the poops. Post #13
    29. bulldog health/hotspots the bad and the ugly. Post #9
    30. general bulldog talk/ reasons why bulldogs ruined all other dogs for me. Post #26
    31. home cooking/comfort food recipe. Post #4
    32. home cooking/ Banana oatmeal cookies. Post #5
    33. Grooming and cleaning/ home main pedi. Post #14
    34. Members only/ Cami is home. Post #25
    35. members only/Show yourself, lets see your mug. Page 18 post #214
    36. general not bulldog talk/do you make your other half an Easter basket. Post #4
    37. photo and video themes/sleeping bullies. Page 2 post #13
    38. Health - Restless Bulldog Syndrome - My Bully refuses to sleep at night . Page 1, post #6
    39. Polls - Daily Poll: Does your bulldog jump on people when they visit your home? Page 1, post #15
    40. Polls - Daily Poll: How many tricks does your bulldog know? Page 1, post #8
    41. 4 Paw Members - After the big clip??, Page 1, post #5
    42. Other Pets, My cats Tigger and Patches, Page 1, post #8
    43. Other Pets - Junior with his Kong, Page 1, Post #1
    44. Food/Nutrition - Which Fromm food Puppy(pink bag) or large breed (blue bag), page 1, post #3
    45. Food/Nutrition - I have already posted but have ?'s, Page 1, post #13
    46. General Bulldog Section - Diesels new mate, Page 1, post #11
    47. General Bulldog Section - Get Your Sneak Peak at the Auction Items Here!!!!, Page 1, Post 1
    48. General Bulldog Section - English Bulldog News First Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Page 1, post #5
    49. General Bulldog Section - For those of you that have to have Anal Glands done..??, Page 1, post #7
    50. 4 Paw - After the big clip, post #2
    51. Auction for Gumbo - American Flag Bulldog Glass Charms, post #4
    52. Auction for Gumbo - White Bulldog statute, post #6
    53. Auction for Gumbo - personalized custom bone shapped dog bowl stand, post #2
    54. Auction for Becca - Dog Tired PJ Bottoms, post #3
    55. Auction for Becca - Coolaroo, post #7
    56. Auction for Becca- wine charms, post #4
    57. Auction for Becca - White Bulldog Window Decal / Sticker, post #4
    58. Auction for Becca - Why I get up in the afternoon, post #3
    59. Auction for Blondie - Bully coin purse, post #4
    60. Auction for Blondie - I Love Pit bulls Water Bottle, post #2
    61. Auction for Blondie - English Bulldog Nine Dollar Bill (White Bully), post #2
    62. Photos & Videos - Paw up?, post #3
    63. Photos & Videos - Ftse photos, post #7
    64. Nutrition - Switching kibble, post #1
    65. Home cooking - Banana Oatmeal cookies, post #7
    66. Fighting is getting worse Post #4
    67. Shampoo Question Post #1
    68. Daily Poll: Ever cute quik trimming nails? Post #6
    69. Sydney~~ EB for Adoption in Stony Brook NY Post #1
    70. Baby Buster and Tallulah Post #2
    71. Ace Gagging Post #10
    72. Spaying Post #9
    73. GI Joe post #5
    74. Becca Auction: FBI Tshirt in Black xxxxl #1
    75. Site Questions section: EBN on Twitter #4
    76. Photos and Videos section: Naptime Doubletounge #3
    77. Photo video theme: Bully Waistlines from above #41
    78. I can't be the only one #16
    79. Health Forum: Urgent Help #8

    A special thanks to our very own @cali~jenn for coming up with such a fun idea.
    Comments 11 Comments
    1. LariP's Avatar
      LariP -
      Congrats Annie!
    1. Davidh's Avatar
      Davidh -
      Great job, congrats
    1. christyjulene's Avatar
      christyjulene -
      Those are beautiful cards and a calendar also! Congrats
    1. Tooleysmom's Avatar
      Tooleysmom -
      Congrats Annie! Wow what awesome cards!!!!
    1. Henry's Avatar
      Henry -
      OMG, I won! How exciting!! Seeing that it was so close, can I share with bluesteelapd 5 cards each? I'll pay for the extra postage it costs. This is so cool and the cards are beautiful!! Thanks all
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Quote Originally Posted by Annie View Post
      OMG, I won! How exciting!! Seeing that it was so close, can I share with bluesteelapd 5 cards each? I'll pay for the extra postage it costs. This is so cool and the cards are beautiful!! Thanks all
      I couldn't believe you two were only 7 eggs apart. I'm sure that'll be ok with Cheryl, just ask her.
    1. nycbullymama's Avatar
      nycbullymama -
      Congrats, Annie. Well done.
    1. cali~jenn's Avatar
      cali~jenn -
      Congrats Annie! You must have been searching very hard! Lol
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Congrats! I must say I was impressed by how many both you and @bluesteelapd found!!! You both are amazing egg hunters!

      Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
    1. 3mor5's Avatar
      3mor5 -
      Congrats, Annie

      - - - Updated - - -

      Congrats, Annie
    1. Ftse 100's Avatar
      Ftse 100 -
      congrats Annie, Well done
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