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  • English Bulldog News First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    We are going to have an online Easter Egg Hunt and everybully is invited!

    Yep, that is right!

    Here is how it works:

    Look for the Easter Eggs hidden in posts around the forum starting Saturday, March 30th 2013.

    Record the name of the thread and the post number you found the "Egg" in.

    Post number is at the top right corner of each post.

    Eggs will be anywhere, new threads, old threads, and in anyone's posts. EVEN YOURS! They can be added at anytime, all week long. So just because you already looked in a thread, does not mean there won't be one hidden in it later

    Send a full complete list of the eggs you found to @JeannieCO by personal message.

    Deadline to send entries is Saturday, April 6th, 2013!!!!!

    Winner will win a set of beautiful greeting cards made by our very own @Libra926 with her new greeting card line My Bulldogs Me

    Winner will get to select 10 of their favorite cards from the 20 cards available.

    And look very hard for the Golden Egg! There is only one, and whoever finds it must like the post it's in by giving a reputation. Whomever reps that post first wins a 2013 English Bulldog News Calendar. Please do not give away the Golden Eggs location if you find it!

    To give a "like" or "rep" a post, click the little pink heart under the post. You cannot give rep from a mobile device using Tapatalk (sorry).

    Have fun and happy hunting!

    For your enjoyment, here is a few examples of the My Bulldogs Me Greeting Card line!

    These cards are blank on the inside

    Winner will get to select 10 of their favorite cards from the 20 cards available.
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