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  • A Daughter's Diary: You Will Survive!

    November 2nd 2010

    My mom had her port put in Friday. She starts chemo on the 23 of November. 2 days after she turns 60. 6 days after her grand baby will be born. I hurt for her. They surgically inserted the port into the right side of her chest, just below the collar bone. She is set to lose her hair. She wants to have her hair cut off and donated to "locks of Love". She said "if I can't use it, I want it to go to someone who can". My little sister took her out on Saturday to try on some wigs. My mom is set to order one online..because they are cheaper. My sister and I decided we want her fitted for one and to have "one on one" help selecting the style and color, so for her birthday...we are paying the difference and we are taking her out and getting her a more expensive one. I also decided (with my sister's help) to photograph my mom's hands (I will survive) Kelli's hands (you will survive) and my hands. It's going to be a bumpy ride. My mom is pretty strong...so with the added support of you all......this will be bearable. Does anyone know about scarves? I want to pick up some scarves..but have no idea what material or type to look for.
    Any help would be awesome.
    Thanks guys (hug)

    11/14/10....Well, I just talked to my sis and she has been doing some research...I guess Locks of Love isn't non-profit BUT Pantene Beautiful Lengths: Donate Hair for Cancer Patient Wigs is.
    My sister definitely is the type to get things done. She is a good person to have on our side. When my father passed away, my sister held me together. She's my glue.

    11/16/10... I really appreciate all the support here. And advice! Thank you all for changing your avatars! I just want to let you know it's okay to change them back if you wish! My mom and I really want to thank you all for taking the time to change them out! We will continue to keep you updated on her progress. She just went and got her breast MRI today and they want to see her back. There was an area of "shadow" that they want to look at. So she will have to have a bone scan and another scan...I can't remember what she said. They did find evidence of a broken rib that had healed. My mom has COPD and when she gets bronchitis...she coughs hard. Apparently she broke a rib during one of her episodes. Tomorrow will be a day of joy. My sister in law is having her baby! A little boy...no name yet. So, my mom will be all smiles! I will post photos later!

    11/19/10.....Tomorrow is Saturday...it's going to be a busy day. Not only is baby Colton still in the hospital..but tomorrow is the day that we are cutting off my mom's hair. She doesn't want to lose it in clumps, so we are cutting it off and donating it to the Pantene: Beautiful lengths. We will then shave her head and she will start wearing a scarf. After the hair cut, I will be taking photos of our hands. My brother has informed me that he would like to participate in this also....Each of our hands will say "you will survive" and hers will say "I will survive". I plan on framing these for her. After that, we will take my mom out and we are buying her a wig of her liking. (my mom is actually excited about this). Sunday my mom celebrates her 60th birthday. Sunday is also the day that Colton will be coming home. So, this weekend will be an emotional one. Wish us luck!

    11/20/10.....Well...here I sit at my sisters. I just shaved my mom's head! She looks good! Who would have thought?

    11/20/10.......So, we shaved my mom's head today. We also took some great hand photos...which I will work on tomorrow. Plus...we went wig shopping. We found the wig and color she wants...but the shop owners were so rude. Their policy is.."you can try on only 5 wigs..then you must buy or leave". Literally...after she tried on 5 wigs, they stopped helping us. My sister and I were so pissed! We wanted them to order the 200.00 wig for us..but first we wanted to make sure the wig was available in that color. So we asked them to check and see. The male shop owner said.."you put down the deposit then I will call and see". I said "no, you call and see..if it's available, the I will put down a deposit for you to order". They wouldn't do it that way. We found out after we left..the wig she wanted was discontinued. And they have a no refund policy. So if we would have given them the deposit..we wouldn't have gotten it back when the wig turned out to be "un-orderable". We left the shop empty handed.

    Finished photo

    11/24/10....More "not so good" news about my mom. She was to start Chemo on Tuesday....drove thru the ice and snow to get there. They did a few MRIs on her chest and back..then discovered that her platelet count was too low to start Chemo. Before they discovered the breast cancer, my mom was going thru a bunch of tests to figure out why she was so tired and achy. They diagnosed her with ITP, which is a platelet disorder. They were one test away from doing a bone marrow biopsy. When the diagnosis came thru..they canceled the bone marrow biopsy. In order to start Chemo, my mom needed to be on high doses of prednisone to increase the platelet count. The prednisone didn't work, in fact, her platelet count was even lower. So, no Chemo for now. They are now second guessing the ITP diagnosis and the bone marrow test is back on the table. So, it is far from over for her. She has so much on her plate. I just want her to be happy and comfortable and I want to let you guys know that your support and friendship REALLY puts a smile on her face. So, again...thank you. Little things make my mom smile.

    12/1/10....Ok...so, today my mom went in for her bone marrow biopsy and her bone biopsy. They did the needle in her hip...they had told her before hand that it would be painful. Well, I'm happy to say that she said it wasn't that painful at all. They numbed her up really well and all she felt was pressure. So once the 2 biopsy results come back (December 9th) we will know what steps to take from there.

    12/5/10......my mom selected her wig yesterday. My sister and I took her out wig shopping again and found one that she loves. Tonight, I am taking her to the "singing Christmas tree" performance..and it will be her first time in public wearing it. We will see how it goes. (actually, she might not wear it. I think she wants the bangs trimmed on it a little more)

    12/12/10..........Ok, so the 9th has come and gone and she got her test results back. No bone cancer and no Leukemia. Everything was good with those tests. They are positive on the ITP diagnosis...and said that she is one of 10 percent that do not respond to prednisone. They are still working on a plan of action for the chemo..I'll let you know when we find out more.

    12/13/10....My mom was diagnosed with ITP awhile ago..the test after that would have been for Leukemia...but with the ITP diagnosis, the other test was canceled. Then she got diagnosed with breast cancer. She went to start chemo, but her platelet count was too low (due to the ITP) They had her on high doses of prednisone to help with this, but her platelet count was even lower. That's when they started to second guess her ITP diagnosis. They decided to proceed with the bone biopsy and bone marrow biopsy. (some scans she had done showed a dark spot on her pelvis area) Those came back good, so that means the platelet problem is 100 percent ITP and not leukemia. But, in order to start Chemo, they need her platelet count up. Since she is one of 10 percent that the prednisone doesn't work, the next thing on the list is to figure out how to bring those platelets up. Organ removal (which organ, I can't remember) and breast removal have been said to bring it up...then she'll be able to start chemo.

    1/16/11....Right now...she is real sick. She hasn't been on very much. She has bronchitis. Which is even more difficult with no immune system. Last week she had to repeat her breast MRI. The physical exam shows that the mass has not shrunk. She goes back in on the 18th to find out the results of the MRI. I think her spirits are in the dumps. She is being told to "wait". I think this next visit might help them decide if they are going to proceed with the breast and spleen removal. If that happens...hopefully her platelet count increases and it will be safe for her to start chemo.

    I'm sick to my stomach that they are making her wait. I don't like it. I guess I don't understand what could happen if they start chemo with her low platelet count.

    ........A pm I just got from my mom.....
    Hi sweetie,
    I talked to my Dr. from SCCA today and he wants me to have another bone morrow biopsy. and then he wants me to go in and have a platelet transfusion and test platelets before, an hour after and then at 24 hours to see how fast they are eaten up, as they might just give me transfusions after chemo if it gets too low.... he said he wants something started by the end of next week.... maybe I will start chemo. Love you, Mom

    So...this could be good news! SCCA is the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She got a second opinion, but since the bone marrow biopsy wasn't viewed by this Dr, he wants to do another one so he can look at the live results instead of the other place's chart notes.

    3/16/11......It depends on how the platelet count holds up. She goes in Friday for another bone marrow and bone biopsy. This is a second opinion on leukemia vs ITP. Then she goes in for a transfusion (I'm not sure what day) They will check her platelet count before the transfusion and again 1 hour after the transfusion. Then 24 hours after the transfusion. Depending on how well it holds up,,,will determine if she can start chemo.

    3/19/11.....Well...my mom said the biopsy went well. This time they gave her a med so she wouldn't remember the procedure. They made her feel comfortable and she was calmed by the fact that her doctor was at the procedure and another "stand by" doctor was there just in case something went wrong. She goes in Tuesday for the infusion of platelets. I came across this video I made back in November when we originally went wig shopping. We thought she was going to start Chemo the following Tuesday..so I shaved her head and we donated her hair. She wanted to send this video to a dear friend of hers in MO.

    4/19/11....I know she hasn't been on a lot...and some of you might be wondering what's been going on with her. Well, I'm here with an update. My mom did get a second opinion at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. They needed to do all the tests again. Include the bone marrow biopsy, to determine if she has ITP. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
    Tests came back the same way as before...yes, she has ITP and breast cancer.
    SCCA has not dealt with both these diseases together. From my understanding...ITP destroys your platelet count and so does chemo. But you have to have a platelet count for the chemo to destroy. My mom tried several different things to bring up her platelet count, none of them worked, including prednisone and blood transfusions.
    So the last thing to try is Nplate. Romiplostim Injection
    Last Thursday she went in for her first injection of Nplate.
    This Thursday (2 days) she starts chemo.
    She's nervous and scared.

    4/19/11....I forgot to mention this morning that she has been moved from a stage 3 to a stage 2!! And the size of the mass has shrunk from a 5 mm to a 3mm due to the drug Femara.

    Yes..the role of Nplate is to increase her platelet count. So, she will be receiving this drug every week and chemo every 2 weeks.

    4/22/11....So...my mom WAS able to start chemo today. This is what she posted on her Facebook account....Been home for about an hour... my platelet count was up to 100 so I had my first chemo treatment today. loaded me up on nausea meds so all is well for now. one down and 7 more to come.... its thumbs up here....

    I talked to her about 3ish and she was feeling good. She will need to have daily injections for 4 days after each chemo treatment. So, since she feels she is unable to do them herself, she will have either my brother or I do them. They are sub-q injections..and both my brother and I are familiar with syringes and sub-q injections. So, for now...she seems to be okay. The next few days will tell all.

    5/19/11....Today she was unable to do her 3rd chemo treatment due to very low / almost non-existent platelet count.
    I was a little upset about that...but she asked me if I knew of anyone who could take the pups. She doesn't want to, but she needs to give them up. I'm just sick about this. She says 4 is too many when she can't even get out of bed some days. I would take them...but between Mark and I, we pull about 90 hours a week. It's not fair to the two I have....and with two more puppies?? I go crossed eyed just thinking about Orion and her younger siblings all in the same room together.

    5/19/11...She just called me again. I know this is tearing her up. She says she first needs to get rid of Echo. He's just like his big sister, Orion. I'm going to ask my neighbors across the street. They have been wanting one...and he's fixed, chipped...just a little pita is all. Mello (aka Delta) is really attached to my mom, so my mom would be just as lost without her as she would be without my mom.
    I'm thinking since my mom doesn't want any money for him,, it might be a quick doing.
    I'm slowly working my husband around to having 3. But...with Orion, I'm not sure how it would work. I need to pick Echo up and bring him over for a play date. Or a play massacre as it may turn out.

    5/22/11............Thank you everybody. Since I don't know how often my mom gets on here anymore....I will try and update you. My mom has has 2 chemo treatments so far. If you remember, back in December, my sister and I shaved her head and we donated her hair to a non-profit organization called "Pantene: Beautiful lengths" She never did get to start chemo until the end of April. She is supposed to do it every other week. In between, she has a drug called N-plate. This drug is supposed to increase her platelet count. She is also on a drug called Neupogen...which is supposed to increase her white cell count. So...every week she goes in for multiple blood tests and screenings. The morning of Mother's Day, my mom was in tears. Her hair had started falling out in clumps. This more of a slap shock to her than the actual shaving. So, the next day...she shaved her head again. After each treatment of chemo, she was initially to take the neupogen injections for 4 days. She is unable to give them to herself, so she either has my brother, myself...or one of my co-workers give it to her. So that means after chemo..in order to follow her therapy plan, she has to leave the house to get the injection. Yes, it would be easier if she was able to give them to herself....but that is a demon my mother faces. After the first week of Chemo and Neupogen..she was almost prohibited from doing her second treatment of chemo because her white count was 1000. If it was 999...she wouldn't have been able to do it. This time, instead of 4 days of Neupogen I (think) she had to do a week. Last Thursday was to be her 3rd chemo day, but the Neupogen didn't work..and she wasn't able to do chemo. So..she had a good week feeling well. The chemo usually hits her system on day 3 and 4 after treatment. She feels nausea, but she has Zofran to help. What gets her is the exhaustion. That is all caused from her depleted white cell count and her low platelet count. This coming Thursday will be her 3rd chemo treatment. They have made some changes to the therapy...changing the amount and type of chemo...but I'm unsure exactly what that plan is.

    As for her, I usually talk to every day on my way home from work. She's exhausted to the bone.

    As long as she has her kids to help emotionally..there is some "home" stuff she is dealing with. Once we figure some stuff out, we hope the chaos of her home life will help her better deal with her recovery.

    We've been invited to an American Cancer society event on July 9th that she seems to be excited about. She's been to 1 other event that gave her about 500.00 worth of makeup and they had people there teaching her different techniques on apply it.

    Other than that, she is a strong woman. She is dealing with more than just the surface stuff. She has/had some horrible decisions to make that I don't know if she is really ready for....
    We will find out how those decisions turn out a little later.
    You guys are a tremendous support for her. Just keep up the thoughts and prayers. If you see her on, just say hello. She appreciates it soooo much.

    5/25/11....She will keep Cadence and Chesty. She was supposed to sell Echo and Mello....but she just fell in love with them and didn't want to give them up. Now...with 4 bulldog and her illness, it's too much stress. So..it's just the puppies that she needs to re-home. Right now, Echo is the most active and he needs more attention and play room....and someone with energy. My mom loves her dogs....so I don't think she would ever give up all 4 of them. Right now she is starting with Echo. If things settle down....she may just need to re-home Echo. And with him being right across the street (we are 1308 Williams ave and they are 1307 Williams Ave) it will be nice to see him grow up. Hopefully. I am picking my mom up and taking her to Chemo...along the way, Echo will be hanging out at Debbie's house for the afternoon. After Chemo, I will stop by and pick him up before I take my mom home. Hopefully this will help my mom out. Fingers crossed.

    5/27/11........They fell in love with him, but their senior dog, Bob.......attacked him. Bob is usually a very friendly and well mannered dog. Vegas and him had a pool play date and it went off well...except we had a small kiddie pool and Bob insisted on laying in it, leaving no room for Vegas. She tried several times and Bob wouldn't budge. She is very upset. Not only did she want to help my mom out, but her husband wanted to purchase one of the the puppies last year. The timing wasn't right and it wasn't right yesterday. BUT....do you know who did get along. I'm completely surprised by it. Not once did Miss Scrappy O bark, growl, or grumble at her brother. That's right. I took Echo into my house while Orion was kenneled. (Bootie wipe) Echo walked up to her kennel and sniffed her. She sniffed him back thru the kennel. I thought for sure she would get hysterical...being locked up. Nope..she started whimpering when Echo left. So, after my mom's Chemo...I brought O outside to meet Echo properly. They never played, but they didn't fight.

    6/11/11....Well..my mom just finished her 4th treatment of Chemo. She is doing well and her Dr said she is responding WELL to the chemo. They will now switch the type of chemo she is receiving...this time is a little more potent and she will probably end up losing her eyelashes and eyebrows on this one. She has 2 months of this type...4 doses. Tomorrow I am picking up Echo and taking him to meet a lady that I work with. She has 2 English sheep dogs and one of them is getting on in age. This time we are going to be smarter about the introduction. We are meeting in a park. Plus..the other dog being female may make things easier.

    As of 6/25/11..my mom has completed 4 treatments of chemo. Last Thursday she was to get her 5th (a new type of chemo) but when she walked into the clinic having breathing problems..they called an ambulance and transported her to a bigger hospital equipped with an oncology ward. She is still in the hospital, due to a blood clot they found in her lung. Her spirits are high, but she is bored out of her mind. They have her on a couple of blood thinners and if all goes well, she should be able to come home on Monday. She gets chemo every 2 weeks, and for 8 days after each treatment she has to get a Lupron shot. Lupron helps raise the cell count. Since my mom is unable to give it to herself (she's a little scared of holding the actual needle) shes been visiting me at work every day for a shot. Some days I'm on her good list..and some days I'm on her bad list, depending on how much it hurts.

    Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. On my way to visit her right now!


    6/29/11...My mom is finally home! After 6 days in the hospital they let her come home...but she's on oxygen. She is so HAPPY to be home! After dealing with Echo while my mom was away..JD is even more determined to re-home Echo. We've decided he needs to be an only dog and probably only older children. Echo turns 1 on July 2nd.

    7/1/11 thru the 5th. Many of you know that my mom (mom2bullies) was diagnosed with breast cancer last November. Not only does she have cancer, but also ITP. ITP is a platelet disorder that is often found in children. In order for my mom to undergo chemo treatment (which ultimately destroys her platelet count) she has to have N-plate injections. This is a pretty serious drug with huge side affects. One being blood clots. A week ago Thursday, my mom was to start her 5th round a chemo. Before the appt started, the paramedics were called and she was transferred to the oncology ward of another hospital. They found a blood clot in her lung. My mom spent 6 days in the hospital. She finally got to come home on Wednesday. The blood clot is still there, but it's pretty small. She is now on insulin (her blood sugars have been high for some reason) and she is currently on oxygen. They are doing tests everyday......It's amazing! Every day she has to go to the hospital for a different procedure. She is home and happy and doing VERY well. Please stop by her page and wish her well. She needs encouragement, smiles, hope and friends.

    One of the tragic choices my mom had to make was concerning the welfare of the puppies. Charli, Echo and Mello turn 1 year old tomorrow, July 2nd. Charli was sold at 10 weeks old and my mom decided to keep Mello. After Echo's miraculous survival of a difficult birth, he was cherished and very much a wanted baby. Sadly, Echo has developed some naughty habits that made it hard for my mom to handle him in a house with 3 other bulldogs. Echo wants to be alpha and so does Chesty. I tried to re-home him with my neighbor, but she has a senior dog that did not like Echo at all. I tried to re-home him with our trainer, but she did not want to bring another male into her home. I also had a meet and greet with a friend and her 2 dogs...but they didn't like the way Echo jumped at them wanting to play. I came to realize that Echo needed to be an only dog. Echo found his forever home today. A young couple adopted him. This was a chance meeting. It came to be from the man who delivered the oxygen equipment to my mom's house. I believe he introduced the Dickerman's to my mom. I don't know much about them. I do know that he's wanted a bulldog since he was 5. He knows all there is to know about the breed....it's almost an obsession for him. My mom was so happy to hand him over to someone who is going to love him like he deserves. My mom said it's the first quiet and un-stressful day she's had in a long time. Thank you Heath and Lisa Dickerson for adopting Echo and loving him as you do. Every photo you post shows just how happy he is!


    It's been awhile since I've written. My mom finished her last round of chemo on September 1st, but before she did...her immune system was so low, she ended up being diagnosed with shingles. She claims shingles is the worst pain she has EVER had to endure. After 2 months, she finally has use of her right arm. She still can't drive or even hold a pen, but she can feel her fingers. She still has a lot of nerve pain.
    Tomorrow is her first breast mastectomy. Lets pray for her.

    Thank you everybody.........for everything. Her check in time was set for 8am, and she arrived early. I stuck around the house till 8....I had to feed my babies and make sure Vegas got his meds at 8am. On my way there, my sis called and told me that they already took her back. She was there shortly before 8, and she had missed her. I almost had a breakdown on the freeway. I made it to the hospital about 8:45 and once there, I was able to see her. Apparently they were having trouble getting an IV line into her. They had attempted the line twice in her right arm and once in her port. My mom's port is turned and it makes it difficult to access. So, after 3 failed attempts...and 1 & 1/2 hours later, they brought in a lady who they called the "vein charmer". She was able to access my mom's port on the first try. Shortly before 10, the OR nurse and anesthesiologist came in to talk to her..then the Dr came in. They explained the procedure to us and what to expect in the next few hours. Once hugs and kisses were given, they wheeled her off.
    12:00pm We received notice that she was out of surgery and doing well. We were told they would page us when she was moved to a private room.
    2:47pm She is in recovery and doing well. She will stay the night...if all goes well, we will take her home tomorrow.
    3:00pm She was moved to a room with a roommate. They saw how much family she had..so they moved her to a private room. It amazes me how strong she is. She was in some pain. But the pain was in her right arm..the one with the nerve pain from shingles. During the rest of the afternoon, my mom was in smiles and talking to us. I think I saw her close her eyes twice. I snuck her in some chocolate pudding that was absolutely wonderful. Her grandchildren visited around 6pm..and she was just beaming. My sister is staying the night at the hospital with her...and I will be up there in the morning. I will try to get some photos of her..I did get some video of her eating the chocolate pudding. Keep in mind when watching this that she barely has control of her right arm and hand. I know it looks personal, but the smile and glee she shows eating the pudding is just too wonderful not to share.

    Also, I captured a photo of my brother that just brings a smile to my face.

    Her doctor took it upon himself to tell my sister and I that we needed to start having breast exams NOW. So, before the end of the year, I vow to get my very first mammogram.

    I spent several hours at the hospital today and I have to say.......my mom amazes me. She will be released tomorrow, but only because she chose to stay a second night. She has drains that need to be monitored and she will have a nurse come and check her bandages and tend to the drains. Here is a photo.

    I've done it. Yep. As promised, I went and had my very first mammogram today. What a hassle this was. I had arranged it with my PCP to have it authorized before hand. Since I'm under the age of 40, mammograms have to be suggested and requested by my primary Dr. Since I now have family history of it, my Dr had no problem in setting this up. I go in and get it done...and am ready to leave when they say..."we don't have any record of this being requested by your Dr. Who authorized this exam?" Ummmmmmm????? Gulp! I just had a very expensive exam done and I did not have it pre-approved thru my insurance company? So..I'm sitting in my car wondering how this works. I frantically call my PCP, and they assure me that it's all been taken care of. So, I give the clinic 10 minutes, then I walk back in. Miraculously, they pull out the paperwork and now all is right in the world. All I have left to do is wait. Wait for the results.

    Tests are back and the tests are normal. The letter they sent me said that "They'd see me for my next mammogram when I reached the age of 40". Isn't it better to go every year once you have a family history of it? I mean, they want you to perform monthly self exams because something can appear at any time. Why isn't it just as important to have a yearly mammogram for the same reason. Oh, I know! $$$$$$$$$


    I just wanted to say happy birthday to you. I'd sing..but you know how awful my singing voice is!

    I love you so much. I admire how strong you've been this past year. I can't wait for you to be able to go a week....2 weeks...a month without having to worry about Doctors. Blood levels. Radiation. Medication. Hair. Needles. Machines. Hospitals. Waiting rooms. Nurses...and so much more.

    So here is to you. In my eyes...the woman of the year. I love you so much!

    December 2011 My mom has been going everyday for radiation treatment. She really wants to be done by Christmas, but that just isn't going to happen. She's been doing well with the radiation. Only slight discomfort and burning, but they give her lidocaine to help with that. The Dr's have just informed her that since she's doing so well, they are going to tack on 5 more days of radiation! Huh? I thought you usually got time off for being good. The saddest part is...now it's going to go into 2012. She was really hoping to start the new year cancer free. We were able to do a girls weekend in Leavenworth over the weekend of the 16th. Leavenworth at Christmas time is something to experience. Having to schedule around her oxygen was another. Luckily it was pain free. They had the machine already in the room waiting when we arrived. My mom has 2 air tanks. Each hold about 2 hours worth of air. I found out after we got home....she NEVER uses her oxygen at home.

    1/4/12 7:41am
    Fingers, toes and everything else possible....crossed! Today is THE day.
    Today is THE day that my mom will hopefully be told that she is in remission! Today is her last radiation treatment. All her tests are due back (hopefully) today. Yes. Today is the day that we've been waiting for. That we've been fighting for. That we've been praying for. You have all been a huge part of this "insert appropriate word here" from the day she was diagnosed. I've shared what I felt comfortable sharing with you and you've all been a huge support system for me.

    So, if you have a moment...please congratulate her on winning this fight. She will (hopefully) find out today and I'm 100% certain only good news will be shared.

    Congratulations mom on a hard fight won AND a job well done!


    Everything is done and complete! The battle has been won. My mom still needs to see a lung specialist. She is currently on oxygen (hardly ever uses it) and really wants to get off. So, she will need to be evaluated before she can turn in the equipment.

    She is unsure (but has shown interest in) having the other breast removed. The breast removal wasn't difficult for her, and she'd rather remove the other instead of possibly going thru all this again. She also has the option for breast reconstruction...which she's not sure about. She thinks the pain is more than it would be worth.

    So, for now....she is just going to hopefully start living her life again. It's amazing how difficult it is just to try and schedule a 3 day adventure.

    **note from mom2bullies**
    I want to thank you all ..... Every one of you for this last year of continued encouragement. You will never know how much it meant to me as I traveled this long road. I want to give a special thanks to my daughter Libra926 , my other kids, and my husband for always being there and giving me that last bit of encouragement to get me over every new hump that I came to. I love you all so very much. I have been on here a lot but didn't talk much as I just did not feel like I could. But again, I thank my daughter Libra926 for keeping every one up to date with my progress. (I love her so much) I hope that now I will have time for me, and not for all the Dr.'s, and you will see a lot more of me .... From one bully parent to another, I love you all.


    Hi again! I have another update for you. Today is October 6th 2012 and we just got her next surgery date. On October 16th 2012, my mom will once again have surgery. This time, it will be to remove her right breast. This cancer that has put our lives on hold for the last 2 years is hormone induced. So, really...it could re-occur at any time. My mom wanted to have both breasts removed initially, but because of her blood clot..being under the knife that much longer was a chance her doctor was not willing to take. Now that she has been in remission since the beginning of the year, the doctor is now ready to do this. This is something my mother wants to do. She is not worried about reconstruction. She finds it a bother to have special bras that hold a prosthesis. Now she can be comfortable at home and if she wants to go out...she can put on a bra and (get this.....) be any size she damn well pleases! So...kudos mom! You are my hero and I love you with all my heart!
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      bullmama -
      Cheryl I think this is one of the most amazing things I have read, brings tears to my eyes, even though I have read your posts throughout the year.... to see them all in one place.... and knowing the ending and the sacrifices made, oh, I just love you and your mom so much. Thank you for sharing her story and thank you mom2bullies for allowing us to be a part of your battle.
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      Oh Lisa...you are very dear to my heart. I hope you know that. You've provided me with a safe place to come during this horrific life changing event. The staff and members of EBN have been a huge support system for both of us.
    1. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
      ChanelnBrutus -
      I am new to this site and I don't know you all very well but I just wanted to tell you @libra 926 that you are an amazing daughter! Your mother is an amazing strong woman and god bless her everday for fighting the fight and winning! She is truley and inspiration to me to read her story! I have a cousin 37 now battling but hers has spread into her lymph nodes she is fighting and I am going to have her read your mothers story so she can see what strength is! She has been very depressed and I know this will give her some inspiration! THank you for opening this to us !!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR MOM! ALL THE BLESSINGS YOU CAN STAND!!!!!
    1. Cooper11's Avatar
      Cooper11 -
      Wow! What an amazing story and an amazing woman your mom is! I think you need to not only share this with EBN but many others. Showing how big of a fighter your mom is and giving others the same hope! The one thing I love about your mom is that she always had a smile on her face! That is something no one can ever take away from her. Such a strong woman! thank you so much for sharing your story!
    1. Cooper11's Avatar
      Cooper11 -
      And lets all do our happy for EBN's biggest fighter mom2bullies
    1. Telly03's Avatar
      Telly03 -
      You and your Mom are very special people and I don't say that lightly... I have so much admiration for both of you.
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      @Telly03 Thank you John, I will never forget what you and Peggy did for me. That little act of kindness made such a huge impact on me. It actually helped me redirected my anger and sorrow as I set out to thank you by creating the card.
      @chantelnbrutus My mom's cancer was in her lymph nodes. She has a fairly large divet under her left arm where the lymph nodes were removed.
    1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
      Lucy-licious -
      Thankyou for sharing your journey, I was here for some of this but not all, and reading it from the beginning to its end had me feeling every emotion possible. You are both amazingly strong women
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
      Thank you for sharing your story all on one page, I have followed your post throughout the year and had tears and cheers for both of you. Seeing it all on one page just tore me up and was very overwhelming to read. I am so happy for both of you. What a fighter @mom2bullies has been through and will continue to go through. I admire her strength and will to never look at it like she was loosing a battle, but to put up the fight/battle of her life. to both of you.
    1. goobers mom's Avatar
      goobers mom -
      Thank you for sharing this amazing story of you and your moms fight with cancer, May God bless you both, My mom also had breast cancer which was removed surgically then radiation and thankfully cancer free now for over 10yrs but still scary. I am so sorry that you and your mom has had to deal with this it breaks my heart to know that people have to suffer so.
    1. Mack-N-MatildasMommy's Avatar
      Mack-N-MatildasMommy -
      Cheryl, thank you for sharing you story. I wasn't here for the beginning but I was for the end!! Congrats on the Remission @mom2bullies !! The story made me cry and happy all at the same time!
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      What an amazing story from a wonderful daughter ---- Congratulations to you @mom2bullies you are an astonishing person!
      I love the cards you created -- they are beautiful.
    1. MamaAndi's Avatar
      MamaAndi -
      Wow, that story tugs at the heartstrings. I'm so glad she won her battle!!! I have fought the hard fight with my mom (ovarian cancer x 2) and my boyfriend (testicular cancer) and I love to see a happy story!
    1. LariP's Avatar
      LariP -
      @Libra926 & @mom2bullies to you both.
    1. Bella'sMom's Avatar
      Bella'sMom -
      I cried when these were first posted and I cried again today. Such an amazing story, thank you for sharing. Thank you for for being you and doing all you do. Love you and your Mom.
    1. Davidh's Avatar
      Davidh -
      Just loved your story and your mom is an amazing and strong woman. Hugs to you and her and hope she has many years to come.
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      That was the first time I've seen this. Cheryl it brought, not one but two, tears to my eyes. Your Mom warmed my heart.
    1. Sherry's Avatar
      Sherry -
      You Rock Woman ! You have inspired many women, God Bless
    1. acarabias's Avatar
      acarabias -
      Wow this is beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes! your mom and you inspire me! Thank you for sharing with us!
    1. Vikinggirl's Avatar
      Vikinggirl -
      Hi, my name is Monica, and joined this site in Sept., so am fairly new to EBN. I was searching the different forums today, and came across your diary about your Mom. I don't know you or your Mom, but you don't need to know some one to be touched by them, or to be astonished by them. I am writing this message through tears right now, what an incredible story, and what an emotional journey you and your mom and family have been through. Your mother is a strong lady to come through what she has endured. And you and your sister are wonderful and strong too. I'm sure you were a great comfort and support for your Mom, it's probably what helped her through, and help her to fight, Its an example what LOVE can do. I am so happy that you all got the happy ending, and hope you and your Mom and your family continue to stay close and support each other. God bless all of you, and prayers and love for your Mom, a truly special lady.