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  • Happy Anniversary English Bulldog News!

    Wow, 2 years! I can hardly believe it. The strange thing is that 2 years is a very VERY long time! It really seems much longer, in fact I had to double check to make sure it had not been 3.

    So much has been accomplished in 2 very short years. So many bulldogs have been saved!

    I cannot even explain how proud I am to not only be the owner of this forum, but just to be a part of this community- it is truly an honor.

    I have never met so many selfless, wonderful, helpful, funny, and caring people in my whole life. Oh, here comes the teary eyes. I cannot tell you how proud I am when I see one member help another. How happy I am when a member joins in and becomes part of the family. How grateful I am to see members spend their time and love to help other bulldogs in need. How heartbroken I am when a bully is sick or carries on to the rainbow bridge. As I read and read everyday for the past two years, I continue to be on an emotional roller-coaster. Honestly I do not remember, nor do I care, what life was like before we created this forum. It is a lot of work everyday, but so worth it when we see all the bulldogs getting saved or getting the advice and help they need.

    Why is this forum so great? How did it become what it is?

    Well, of course it is the registered members who have dedicated time in their days, weeks, months and years to come here and help others. Each member who posts a new topic or replies to a topic. Our moderation team who spends countless hours planning events and offering suggestions to help make our forum even better. Our Rescue Moderators who spend hours each week cross posting English Bulldogs from various rescues throughout the USA & Canada. Our newly formed Press Team who help keep our articles up to date and create new fun information to share. Our Hospice Sponsors, who donate a small amount each month to help an older bulldog in rescue. Our Community Veterans, who have been around the English Bulldog News boards for awhile and also post frequently and receive good feedback from other members. Our 4 Paw members, who help with voting on events and help EBN pay for our online costs. Those members who donate items to our Auction Events, that raise thousands of dollars for bully rescue every year.

    Whether you joined the site since it just began, or just signed up yesterday, each person who types even a single word onto our forum becomes the fabric of our community.

    All I can say is WOW. WOW!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thank you all for being a part of EBN.

    Now for the fun part, here is your winners of the 2012 Anniversary Awards!


    I hope everyone enjoyed the Anniversary Awards, here is to another year of endless bully-talk!
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    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      We all owe YOU thanks too!!! Had YOU not taken the time to create EBN we all would not be here helping each other out and getting to know one another! THANK YOU LISA for an incredible place for us all to become part of.
    1. Davidh's Avatar
      Davidh -
      All I can say is THANK YOU LISA, for starting a great site. I have only been here just shy of a year and looking forward for many years to come. What a great bunch of bully peeps, who I am proud to call my friends.
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Yes, Lisa, you deserve so many thanks and credit for starting EBN. KUDOS to you and all of the moderators!
    1. Biogirl71's Avatar
      Biogirl71 -
      Yes, thank you Lisa and thank you moderators and members who make this a truly special site. I know I would have been lost without EBN. Frank would be eating Beneful or Science Diet and have horrible allergies and stink and would be up all night with runny and I would be so mad at hubby for wanting such a delicate dog and we would be on the verge of divorce.... well maybe that is stretching it a bit, but EBN and everyone on it are lifesavers!
    1. Tiffany B's Avatar
      Tiffany B -
      Happy Anniversary, Heres to many more! Thanks Lisa for all your hard work and dedication. Happy that I've made some wonderful new friends
    1. 2BullyMama's Avatar
      2BullyMama -
      Thanks to you Lisa.... it is wonderful to be a part of the fantastic world that you started for all of us to be able to share, learn and have lots of fun while doing so.
    1. NikkiSchoolcraft's Avatar
      NikkiSchoolcraft -
      I love this forum and have since the first time I logged on about 1 1/2 years ago. I tell everyone about EBN. Lisa, you have done a wonderful job Not only is EBN fun, it is making a difference in so many bulldog's lives. IBR's Max and Olive send their love also!!
    1. LisaMarie's Avatar
      LisaMarie -
      Lisa , as others have said ,thank you a million times for taking the time to create such a wonderful site. I have learned so much in the course of a year and everytime I have a question or Im worry about Mocha I now have a place to come and I know that the advice I get is good and points me in the right direction. I now have firends here that otherwise I wouldnt have ever known. And best of all, they wont call me the crazy dog owner that is loosing it talking about her dog all day And therefore I am normal here and not consider "whacked"
    1. Sherry's Avatar
      Sherry -
      Genius, pure genius. How did you ever come up with this place and create all the neat things to do here? It's not just a place to find knowledge or chat, it's a place where love, friends caring and sharing about our breed and the people who love them can come together and share their lives. Congratulations Lisa, and the pack says thank you for saving them from a life of puperoni. God Bless you Lisa and God Bless your family for letting you take so much time to attend to this beautiful place. EBN Forever !
    1. sheshistory's Avatar
      sheshistory -
      Happy Anniversary EBN! Bulldogs and bulldog owners are living better because of this site and our dedicated members!
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
      Thank You Lisa, you and the members have helped me so much with Vegas, and introduced me to my new online family. Happy Anniversary EBN!!!!
    1. Mack-N-MatildasMommy's Avatar
      Mack-N-MatildasMommy -
      Thank you Lisa!! This is the best site out there! Happy Anniversary EBN!!
    1. Fontanafox's Avatar
      Fontanafox -
      Thank you LIsa. There world is a better place because of you and EBN!
    1. NigelsMom's Avatar
      NigelsMom -
      Thank you for all you do! I'm so glad I was led here by my breeder and have shared this bully passion with all of you! It's nice to know that you are all here to answer questions and provide guidance and just to share our stories whatever they may be.
    1. Telly03's Avatar
      Telly03 -
      It just shows what can happen when a caring person puts their heart and soul into creating something for all the right reasons. I'm proud to be part of the this, and thank you Lisa for taking the initiative and continuing to do all that you do.
    1. Gold bullies's Avatar
      Gold bullies -
      Thank you ..... and when i start helping with the rescue's i will be telling them they need to be joining this group. With the help and advice and the shoulder's to cry on here , this group is priceless !!... xxxxxxxxxx
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