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  • Member Spotlight: JeannieCO

    My Love of Dogs, Wow, where do I begin? Itís not the easiest task writing about yourself and your life, but here I am to share with you all the parts of me and a bit of my world that come to my rambling mind. Hope you enjoy. I guess first Iíll share a bit about me. Iím the oldest of three girls and was raised primarily in Southern California: Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Woodland Hills, Reseda, Northridge, and finally, Thousand Oaks where my son was born. I was fortunate enough to grow up with all my cousins, heck we were all born in the same hospital Ė pretty kewl. My Mom was a struggling single parent with three young girls to raise solely by herself (Dad was never in the picture, never even received Birthday card or Christmas gift from him, and he always knew where we were Ė sad). We didnít have the fancy stuff but what we did have was more love than most kids get in a lifetime. We camped quite a bit, that was our family thing to do and it carried over into my adult life. Being the oldest I had many responsibilities as a kid, including cooking dinner for my sisters starting when I was in 3rd grade. We were latch key kids and Mom did the best she knew how to do.
    I love camping and love being on a lake (the ocean not so much thanks to Jaws!). I still water ski and wake board (mostly wake boarding now because it's easy to get up). Our love of camping and boating always includes our four-legged boys. We rarely do anything without them. I live in the Denver metro area in the beautiful state of Colorado and migrated here in late 2000. I love it here and I love the 4 seasons we have. I left California back in 1985 when I divorced my sonís dad, headed to Reno, Nevada and lived there for 7 years. My Mom, Grandma, Aunt & Uncle had migrated to Lake Tahoe and Reno back in 1981. I really liked it there but I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1991 after I remarried Ė what a mistake that one year of marriage was. But had that mistake not happened, I wouldnít be where I am today! We divorced and there I was now alone in Albuquerque barely knowing anyone. I decided to stay in Albuquerque as I wanted to be on my own for the first time.

    My son and I in 2010

    Iím a believer of fate and that you must take certain paths in life to get to where you are going, whether that path is bumpy or smooth. I had gone from being pregnant in high school and graduating, got married at 18, had a baby at 18, and divorced in 1986, and then remarried again in 1990, then divorced in early 1991. When my son turned 14 in 1994 he went to live with his Dad two states away in northern California. It was a good thing so no worriesÖ.he wanted to be with his Dad and I didnít have an answer for him why he couldnít. To this day, that was the most unselfish thing Iíve ever done, letting him leave with open arms. I had never really been by myself before, and thatís when I started MY journey of discovering who ďJeannie is" began. Boy talk about tough times, I didnít know how to shop for one, there was no one to come home too, I didnít really know who I was, I was lost so to speak. It was a journey while hard at times Iíd do all over again. During this time living in Albuquerque I had gotten into jeepiní (I had a 1997 TJ Jeep) and it was pretty modified. Jeepiní is what brought me to move to the Denver area. I had friends here and I kept driving up here to jeep with them to "wheel in the Rockies" and instantly fell in love with Colorado.

    I was at a crossroads in my life where I felt I had to make a change soon (a now or never thing) and I just wasnít content in Albuquerque, like a piece of the puzzle was missing. I made the long drive twice to Denver to interview for a legal job and landed a great one. That was it, what I didnít donate I sold and then I packed up the rest of my things and moved. Just like that, lol. That was November of 2000. Lifeís a funny one. I was driven to get to Denver and fate drove me here. More about fate in a moment.

    Here's 25 things you probably, OK donít, know about me.
    1. I have one son and had him when I was 18 (after many mishaps, he turned out to be the only child I was ever able to have). Heís awesome!
    2. I have a big fear of bugs and spiders.
    3. I once had a cockroach fall from the ceiling, hit me in the chest, fall on my lap and hit my feet on the way down all while I was working in my cubicle at work. Yes I screamed!!!
    4. I had a passion for playing softball ever since the 3rd grade. I played competitive softball since the mid 80ís and it really geared up in the 90's when I lived in Albuquerque. Softball became my obsession and life for 10 years. My coed team was sponsored by DeMarini bats and that team went to the World Tournament three times, we placed 19th in the Class B Division. Not too shabby since we really should have been in the Class C Division. Had I not injured myself in 9th grade, I probably would have received a scholarship to play in College. I donít toot my horn very much, but in my day I was pretty dang good . I gave the game up when I moved to Denver, mostly because it was snowy here and I didnít know anyone at the time and my life was taking a different direction.
    5. During my jeepin' days, I was contacted by Eddie Perez of Off-Road Magazine and they interviewed me and wrote an article about me and my jeep. My Jeep was named "Dust Bunny" and attached to the window was Mr. Happy, a big Smiley happy face with a cowboy hat. I out wheeled quite a few of my male friends on maneuvering around rocks and was one of three, and the only girl of 9 jeeps, who didnít have to get winched around this rocky sharp uphill turn. *snickering still* I also know how to change gear oil and grease zerks. (The article and pictures were archived but I found it, and it looks like it was re-posted in 2005 by ORC to this place: http://chromatographyonline.findanal....jsp?id=274335
    6. I love Country music; have since I was a kid. Country dancing was also a passion of mine and I had a VIP pass to the local country bar, Boot Scoots, when I lived in Albuquerque - I was there every Thursday & Saturday dancing. Coors Light pounders and Kamikazeís were my drink of choice.
    7. Iím a Legal Assistant and work for three attorneys, two equity shareholders and an associate. They practice primarily insurance bad faith and handle Appellate and Supreme Court cases.
    8. Iíve moved 44 times now and Iím not even 50. Yep, itís true and I can count every single move Iíve made (Iím finally older than the times Iíve moved).
    9. I can still slalom water ski (although it takes me 4-5 times to finally get up now, lol). I also do most of the driving of our boat and occasionally throttle up on the lake to race a man driving. Just canít help it . Iím known for showing up the men loading their boat on their trailer at the boat dock too. *snicker*
    10. I LOVE roller coaster's!
    11. My favorite food is BBQ and authentic Mexican food.
    12. Iím a happy drinker and I love a cool adult refreshing beverage.
    13. Iíve been married three times (third time was the charm).
    14. I always wanted a brother!!! I used to joke that I would trade one of my sisters in for a brother!!! Seriously I would have in heartbeat and Iíd still trade her in.
    15. I was a tomboy as a kid and hated dresses, still do. Iíd rather go to Home Depot than the Mall to shop to this day.
    16. I keep candy at my desk for all my co-workers and theyíre always stopping by to have a treat.
    17. I like to laugh and donít take things too seriously, most the time.
    18. As a teenager my friends and I jumped off the Malibu Pier at the half way point into the ocean. We got a warning and our pictures in the local paper.
    19. I kissed Tommy Lasorda on the cheek at an Albuquerque Dukes game in 1997ish. I still have the picture.
    20. My Love of Dogs started way back when I was a little girl and have never stopped. My grandmother had five generations of poodles.
    21. I once shut myself in my bedroom for the night with my stepfatherís Doberman (Monty) because I was scared of him, I was 15 I think. After a full night together we were best friends and he followed me everywhere!!
    22. I brought my fair share of strayís home, asking my Mom if I could keep them all. I managed to talk her into keeping a couple of them. Iíve had the following dogs: Poodle named Caesar, husky mix named MacArthur, St. Bernard named Love, a Doberman named Monty, and a Doberman named Freddie. MY first dog was a Sheppard mix named Kia. I loved her so much but lost her in the divorce to my sonís dad. My other ex had a Sheepdog and an Irish setter (canít remember their names and wish I could forget his, lol). I had a few cats here and there, two got killed, and one disappeared. When I met Mike, he had three Pit Bulls: Nitro (he was 10) and Ace & Orion who were litter mates and were 2 Ĺ when we met. Ace is 13 now and still kicking. Orion passed suddenly this past January and I still miss him very much.
    23. I love to hike, I've done the La Luz Trial in Albuquerque 3 times and the last time was in October 2010 when I went back to see a friend. It's a 7 mile hike that zig-zags and starts at 5400 ft and you hike to 10,400 ft, give or take. There's a 1.4 mile section that's nothing but rock!
    24. I quit smoking and this coming January will mark 5 years (it took me 9 times trying in 12 years).
    25. And last but not least, I have a milestone birthday coming in January, the big 5Ö..0. Yikes!

    Now let's talk about my "fate" shall we. It was March of 2001, I was sharing a house (wasnít sure where I wanted to live yet as I had just moved here and really didn't know the city very well) and I came home to find the water had been turned off (loser roomie didnít pay the bill and then left town for the week - NICE!). I couldnít go to work that Friday so I took a personal day. Finally, got the water turned back on. Well, I did what most girls would do, I went shopping!!! Except I headed to 4 Wheel Parts to shop, lol, because I needed a quick release to air down my tires for a big wheeling trip I was going on that Saturday (yes I was a four-wheeler). Thatís when LOVE happened. I got to the store, walked in and there was this dreamy man at the end of the counter. Donít ask me why but I bypassed 6 other sales guys and went straight to the man I call ďmy Red-Headed Tattooed Italian.Ē Sparks flew instantly and I was smitten. Well I had a friend that knew one of the sales guys there so I kept throwing my friendís name out because I knew if he was truly interested he now had a way to find me. I got home, emailed my friend and said, "Jon!! What do you know about the manager named Mike A at 4 Wheel Parts?" "Does he have a GF" (he didnít have a ring on), "Is he married," "Is he seeing someone," "Is he gay,Ē ďIs he not interested," etc.? Well Jon gave him my number and he called me that Tuesday and asked me out. Turns out he had his sales guy on the phone with my friend Jon 10 minutes after I left the store asking about me, but Jon never said anything to either one of us that we were both interested in each other, lol. We went out on our first date on Thursday, March 8th, 2001, and he asked me if I wanted to go camping with him, his friend and his friends girlfriend (Mike had his own camper as did his friend) and I said SURE!!! Yes I just met him . Well what can I say that was March 9th and he asked me to marry him on March 31st and we were married on May 12, 2001. Itís been 10 years now. Heís my best friend and my worst enemy at times. Heís my Red-Headed Tattooed Italian.

    He had three beautiful dogs, Nitro who was 10, Ace and Orion who were 2 Ĺ and were litter mates. All three were Pit Bulls. Mikeís Mom always told him that he would never find a decent woman because he had tattoos and Pit Bulls Ė well he proved her wrong, HA! She was a very nice lady but unfortunately she died suddenly 2 Ĺ weeks before we got married. I really wished I could have gotten to know her better. But she did get to see my wedding dress, so sad. I was blessed to have met Mike. While it hasnít always been the easiest 10 years, itís surely been part of the happiest moments of my life (aside from my son that is). I fell in love with all three boys, Nitro, and Orion & Ace and they soon became MY dogs and I became the leader of my pack (Mike doesnít like to admit that but itís true, ha!).

    Nitro lived to be almost 15 (passed in 04) and Orion was 12.5 (passed in January of this year). Ace is still kicking as I type this. Now Ace, heís my Mr. Snuggle buns, My Sir Sits A Lot, my Mr. Happy, my co-dependency. Heís quite the Mommaís boy too (heís had 2 TPLOs, his spleen removed and a few other minor surgeries so weíre quite bonded from me taking care of him).

    So what brought me to English Bulldog News you ask? Well I needed to obtain knowledge about the breed I fell in love with so many years ago. Was it the squishy face, all the wrinkles, the cute piggly wiggly tail they have, or was it the cinder block body they have, sure it wasn't the snoring, the gas and their stubbornness was it? It was all of it I loved! But I really didnít know very much about the breed in general except for what Iíve heard from others, like, ďWhat do you want a dog like that for?Ē ďYou know they have health issues right?Ē ďYou know they have a short life span?Ē "You know they slobber." Yada Yada Yada. Yeah, I know I know. I needed a dog that needs to be needed. I knew that once the boys (Ace & Orion) passed I was getting a Bully. After Orion died Ace was so lonely it was breaking my heart so off to the internet I went. First up, trying to find a quality reputable breeder when I knew nothing about the breed or breeders. After dotting my Iís and crossing my Tís I found the breeder I wanted and the bully I wanted, Wilson.

    We got Wilson on March 6th at exactly 8 weeks old. I havenít looked back and I just love the ďTurd BurglarĒ to pieces. Then on April 10th Jack came into our lives unexpectedly, he was rescued and is an American Staffordshire terrier, a Pit Bull and heís our 4th of this breed. Jack was 3 months (three weeks older than Wilson). I wasnít quite ready for Jack and I wanted Wilson all to myself for a while and I knew that the bond he would have with me would change due to Jack. Iíve never looked back though. In June as most of you know Jack got diagnosed with H.O.D. and got real sick because he grew too fast. After 5 days in ICU and a feeding tube he slowly got better and is doing great now and so big. Itís been a bit chaotic at times in my house since April 10th with two pups and a senior dog but I wouldnít have it any other way.

    Wilson and Jack complement each other and they are the BEST of friends. I donít think I would ever do two pups again, let alone two strong pups. I love them both and Ace our old guy is no longer lonely, now heís just a grouchy lovable old dog. Well that about sums it up in a nutshell. I love my dogs immensely and of course my husband whoís my best friend. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

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    1. RescueMe's Avatar
      RescueMe -
      Great Article. Love getting to know you
    1. cali baker's Avatar
      cali baker -
      I LOVED your "ramblings", Jeannie! What a colorful, interesting, adventurous life you have lead, and are leading! You are one strong woman!

      I hope to one day share a nice, cold adult bev w/you and go on a long hike together too. (not necessarily in that order)! Loved the photos...so great!!
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      Awesome! Just what I would expect. I've so enjoyed you and your crazy doggies and this is an entire new layer! Like an onion! But a very sweet onion!
    1. Fontanafox's Avatar
      Fontanafox -
      What can I say? Except, YOU ROCK!
    1. LariP's Avatar
      LariP -
      Loved your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    1. BruceP's Avatar
      BruceP -
      Good story, well told...
      Thanx for sharing with us and I'm glad you found your way to EBN. I enjoy your posts and sense of humor.
    1. Biogirl71's Avatar
      Biogirl71 -
      Thanks for telling your story! What a great journey!
    1. Vicaroo1000's Avatar
      Vicaroo1000 -
      Great story! Thanks for taking the time to share.
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed my ramblings. It's fun getting to know the other "layer" of the peeps here. Life's definitely been a journey!

      Henny, I know one day (possibly this summer) we will meet and share that beverage when I'm down visiting my son.
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by JeannieCO View Post
      Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed my ramblings. It's fun getting to know the other "layer" of the peeps here. Life's definitely been a journey!

      Henny, I know one day (possibly this summer) we will meet and share that beverage when I'm down visiting my son.
      Ummmm..NOT WITHOUT ME..ya won't!
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Great story. I love your strength and versatility. If EBN ever has a softball tournament I dibbs to be on your team!
      As @Fontanafox said, YOU ROCK!!!
    1. Sherry's Avatar
      Sherry -
      @JeannieCO nothing phony bout you hun...would love to buy us a couple of adult bev's . Like an onion, we have many layers. YES WE DO
    1. webster03's Avatar
      webster03 -
      Pleasure reading your story.
    1. cali baker's Avatar
      cali baker -
      Quote Originally Posted by JeannieCO View Post
      Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed my ramblings. It's fun getting to know the other "layer" of the peeps here. Life's definitely been a journey!

      Henny, I know one day (possibly this summer) we will meet and share that beverage when I'm down visiting my son.
      Oh, YES!!!
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Quote Originally Posted by JAKEISGREAT View Post
      Ummmm..NOT WITHOUT ME..ya won't!
      Well that a GIVEN?
      !!! I will possibly be down in March or April to see my son and meet his soul mate. . It's gonna be a very short visit though. I'll see if I can work an extra day in for this trip...no promises though.
    1. Gold bullies's Avatar
      Gold bullies -
      Thank you for sharing.... maybe this will be the start of more people sharing !!! thank you again x
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
      Great story and very well written. Thank you for sharing. I love reading these stories of our memebers.
    1. acarabias's Avatar
      acarabias -
      Wow Jeannie, you are an awesome writer. I really enjoyed reading your story and loved the pictures too!!
    1. JeannieCO's Avatar
      JeannieCO -
      Quote Originally Posted by acarabias View Post
      Wow Jeannie, you are an awesome writer. I really enjoyed reading your story and loved the pictures too!!
      Naaaaa, I'm just wordy!!
    1. cowsmom's Avatar
      cowsmom -
      you never know what you will stumble across tooling through ebn. all this time this has been here and ive missed it. love the story and getting to know more about my friend. nice job and pics.