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  • Dog Poetry: Happens All To Often

    Happens all too often....

    "Woof!" I said as you started the car,
    "Hooray!" I said, it's my first time afar.
    The scents we were passing were all new to me,
    For it was my first introduction to this mystery.
    As we got out of the car I embraced you with joy,
    After all you remembered to bring my favorite toy!
    You threw it once or twice, of which I retrieved,
    But on the third it seemed you were ready to leave.
    You threw it long and hard and I chased it like lightning,
    But when I turned to bring it back I saw a sight quite frightening.
    I gripped my toy hard as I tried to comprehend
    What it was I did wrong to make our relationship end.
    You walked back to your car as I sat there still loyal.
    Why am I subservient and you so royal?
    Your engine started, and you peeled out into the night,
    You didn't even care about my overwhelming fright.
    As I sat in my pose determined you would come back,
    The sun faded behind me while the surroundings turned black.
    Day after day I stayed in that park,
    Lying... waiting... too feeble to bark.
    As I lay there dying thinking of you master,
    I asked myself how I got into this horrifying disaster.
    With my last breath of life, I whispered your name
    Then I collapsed in a heap overrun by pain.
    Why didn't you love me master? Why didn't you care?
    Had I no significance, was I just a clump of hair?
    I stayed there master and I waited for you
    I guess taking care of me was just too much to do.
    I'm gone now master, no more You-and-I
    But what I can't figure out is why you didn't even say goodbye...

    -Author: Andrew Siegele-
    Comments 14 Comments
    1. dozersmama's Avatar
      dozersmama -
      This is so sad
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      Nope..not gonna read it..
    1. izstigspunks's Avatar
      izstigspunks -
      Me neither, I read the first 2 lines and couldn't continue, but will someday. This week has been such a tearjerker so I'll pass on this one for now. Sorry, David, but thanks so much for sharing. *hugs!
    1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
      Lucy-licious -
      Nope me niether just the pic was enough for me to well up

      Where's the tissue warning @Davidh??
    1. Davidh's Avatar
      Davidh -
      @Lucy-licious! Sorry, forgot to include the tissue warning. After adding the pic, I have a hard time reading it.
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      I can't even look at that picture..I posted it on facebook and the pic didn't post and I was HAPPY!!! Poor David..this is one of the saddest ever..and we r too sad here right now..but I you !!
    1. goobers mom's Avatar
      goobers mom -
      Stupid Me just read this again and now bawling my eyes out
    1. Sherry's Avatar
      Sherry -
      I know, it showed up on my FB the other day. I shared
    1. TessaAndSamson's Avatar
      TessaAndSamson -
      What a beautifully written poem but OMG how sad, totally made me cry! The saddest thing is knowing that people actually do that to poor innocent pups
    1. cowsmom's Avatar
      cowsmom -
      oh geez why did i find this page and worse yet i read the whole poem. ugg. that is so sad and whats sad about it is people do this all time. i cannot comprehend how.
    1. GRACIE11's Avatar
      GRACIE11 -
      that people stop this abuse
    1. loveabully's Avatar
      loveabully -
      OMG I can't stop crying that's so sad
    1. Vikinggirl's Avatar
      Vikinggirl -
      Quote Originally Posted by dozersmama View Post
      This is so sad
      Man, why did I read that, bawling right now. Too sad, and everyone is right, this does happen too often, or their just dropped off at an animal shelter, or discarded, tied up and ignored in the backyard. They're no longer cute puppies anymore, and they can't be bothered anymore. Why do people get puppies, if they aren't going to be treated like a member of the family? If you can't treat them and love them and include them as a family member, if you can't get up at 6 am to take them out, even on the weekends, if you can't give them the same unconditional love they give us, then you shouldn't get a dog.
      Let's all give our babies a kiss and a tight squeeze, to show them that we love them
    1. Corlando465's Avatar
      Corlando465 -
      So sad...makes me think about last weekend. One of my daughters friends called to ask if our bulldog was missing because she had found one. We told her ours was here, but she could bring the found over and we'd keep her until we found the owners. The dog was collared but no tags and she was an absolute sweetheart!! But she was terribly overweight, crusty and scabby face ropes and even worse ears, long nails and I suspect she had a UTI, as she tried to pee 4 or 5 times but couldn't. Anyway, my daughter took her picture and put it on Facebook and one of her friends immediately recognized the dogs as her neighbor's dog. The owner called, described her and her collar so we gave her our address and she showed up 15-20 minutes later. Now the dog had been gone for 3+ hours and she said they thought she was in the other room asleep. That some of the neighbor kids must have left the gate open. The sweet dog was happy to see her mommy, but mommy seemed only slightly pleased to see her....I couldn't help but feel sad for that sweet girl and really had to hold my tongue. I wanted to do more, but just didn't know what. I couldn't say the dog was abused or unfed or i would not have given her back, but she also wasn't given all the care that Bully's need, either.

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