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  • Bulldog Poetry: Contest Entries

    Here are you entries for the short story/poetry contest.
    The 4 Paw Members have cast their votes, winner to be announced soon!

    There once was a bulldog named Gracie.
    Who acted a little bit spacey.

    She came from the State of Missouri.
    To be company for a recent retiree.

    From a working girl to a Princess.
    She learned how to wear a dress.

    Now Dad and Mom are besotten.
    And HRH is simply spoiled rotten.
    --by LariP

    A Bulldog

    I'm short and stubby,
    And sometimes chubby,
    I like to eat and I like sleep,
    When I sleep I snore,
    Then I wake up,
    And eat some more!
    When I pass gas, it smells far from a rose,
    It can be so smelly, that it burns your nose,
    My tongue hangs out when I snooze,
    I look as though I had too much booze,
    Some think I'm grumpy, but they don't know,
    The true companionship, that I show,
    My teeth stick out, and it makes me drool,
    But that's just one of the many things,
    That makes me so cool.
    --by mbuxx

    Must move.
    I don't want to, but I NEED to.
    I can't think.
    I can't see.
    I can't hear.
    Where is my mommy?
    I can't see my Daddy!
    I feel her hands.
    Her gentle touch.
    My mommy's smell.

    I can see..but I'm not sure what I'm seeing.
    I can hear..but I'm not sure what I'm hearing.
    I can smell..but I'm not sure what I'm smelling.
    I'm confused.
    Why am I on the floor?

    I can smell. I smell my mommy crying.
    I can hear. I hear my mommy praying.
    I can see. I see my mommy kneeling.
    I can think. I think my mommy is hurting.

    I smile.
    I stand.
    I stumble.
    I fall.......
    But I persevere.
    I am a bulldog.
    I have epilepsy.
    I am loved.

    I stand.

    --by Libra926

    I know of a bulldog named Moe
    Who's arrival was anticipated so..

    He came from a place Down Under
    Which makes me sorta wonder....

    When he learns to finally speak
    Will it sound kinda funny and unique?

    Moe is such a ham.
    So much so, he's been put up on cam.

    Moe has many bully-sitters
    Engaged and with coffee jitters...

    Did you know that Moe is an artist?
    Although he's not the smartest....

    Because his paint is made out of mud
    Yes, I'm talking about Moe the stud.....

    And his canvas is the white tiled floor,
    the walls, the carpet and a door.

    If you want to check him out,
    To find what the fuss is about.

    He has his own special Moe Cam link
    It's so much easier than you think.

    Click the link at the top left of the page,
    And watch Moses DeHart take the stage.

    --by Libra926

    Wearning to be a Thewapy Dawg
    By Oliver Whitehead

    One day Mommy told me dats Iz was going to sum place called “skool”. Mommy sed Iz wuld make wots ob new fwiends dere. Sebastian and me waz sited to make fwiends and had a hawd time fawwing asweep. [replacer_img] Oh dat’s wight, wez buwwdawgs, wez neber hab a hawd time sweeping!!!

    On da fuwst day ob skool, Mommy gabe me and Sebastian a baff. Dat wuz weawwy fun spwashing in da water. Den when it wuz time to go, Mommy onwy put me in da twuck and not Sebastian. Iz fought to myself, “What da heck? Howz come my bwudder izn’t wif me?” [replacer_img] Mommy said, “Sebastian can’t go, Oliver. This is only for you because you are going to learn to be a therapy dog.”

    “A thewapy dawg? What is dat?”, I wondered. Mommy den told me dat Iz wuz gonna be a thewapy dawg to go bisit sik kidz and people in da hopistal and den I kuld go to skoolz and wibwawies so kidz kuwd wead books to me. She sed wez wuz doing dis cuz ob my brudder Skywer. Hez gots somefin kalled kancer and wen he wuz in da hopistal a thewapy dawg named Toby wuld bisit him and make him feel better.

    Iz wike going to skool now. I hab fwiends named Bentwey, Dawwas, and Conwoe. Iz a gud student and wisten to my teacher and Mommy gibs me tweats when Iz do somefin Iz ‘posed to. Iz getz lotz ob ‘tension from ebewybully in da store. Iz know how to sit, stay, kome when my name is kalled (but Iz don’t wun, Iz wawk) lay down when Mommy tellz me to. If being a thewapy dawg getz me lotz ob hugs and kisses and Iz gets to kuddle (my fabowite fing) wif peopwe, [replacer_img][replacer_img] den Iz finks Iz gonna wike being a thewapy dawg.

    Iz haz wots ob more skool to go to befowe Iz getz to be a thewapy dawg, but Iz fink Iz wike skool. When Iz kome home fwom skool, Mommy teaches Sebastian ebeyfing Iz wearned in skool, so eben dough Sebastian kan’t kome to skool wif me, he’z wearning too and we pwactice togeber.

    Iz hope youz wike my showt stowy. Iz gonna go takes a nap now.

    --by Kim Sebastian n Oliver


    It's bedtime
    lets go lay down.
    Ok! I jump up the steps
    with a thunderous sound.

    Circling and digging
    til I've found the right spot
    I stretch and groan
    cuz I like it a lot.

    I will lay here comfortably
    for a while or so
    then back to stirring
    and digging I go.

    I want to be warm
    so I scratch at the covers.
    Mama wont mind,
    she lifts them when I hover.

    I like to lay close,
    almost on top of Mama's legs
    I'm sure she likes it
    Cuz that's where she stays.

    Now I'm too warm
    so it's time for some air.
    I stand up and wait
    Mama will clear the path there.

    Gotta go lay on the tile
    to cool myself down,
    so its back to the steps
    with that thunderous sound.

    I will be back
    to do this all again.
    Don't you worry Mama,
    I will sneeze in your face then.

    I know how to wake you up
    real fast if I want
    cuz it's all about my comfort
    that you allow me to flaunt.

    --by cali~jenn

    Once there was a beautiful bulldog named Buttercup. Her mommy and daddy bred her, and had a litter of 5 beautiful puppies who were well cared for. Buttercup was sad when the last of her litter left, but mommy and her really liked the new mommy and daddy. Mommy cried for hours after her last fur-grandbaby left, she was really attached to this one but knew she had chosen the perfect home for him. His name was Butterbean, named after his mother.

    Butterbean was very scared when he left his mom. But his new mommy and daddy were so wonderful and loved him very much. They always seemed to have treats, toys, and good food for him to eat. He was allowed to be the king of the couch, and always giggled at him when he tooted or slobbered. They loved him like crazy.

    Mommy and daddy got some exciting news, Butterbean could tell. Mommy jumped on daddy and was holding a small white stick in her hand. They were so happy they were almost crying. Butterbean did not know why, but mommy seemed to even smell different and he did not want to leave her side. He followed her everywhere, as he felt if he left her, he was going to miss something really exciting.

    After so many months of following mommy, she disappeared for 3 days. Butterbean became very sad because he missed her so. Daddy was gone too, so much, and he was in the house all alone. He only saw daddy for a few minutes 3 times a day, long enough to eat and go outside. Butterbean started to become very stressed but daddy seemed very happy, and always took a few minutes to give him a good pet before he left.

    Mommy finally came home! Yay!!! Butterbean is so excited!! Mommy smells even more different then before. But she does not want me to come near her. She has a new thing and only wants to pay attention to it, and not Butterbean. Now Butterbean is very sad. Butterbean decides he needs to get her attention, since she is ignoring him. He knows not to pee on the floor, but maybe she will notice he is around if he does that. He even tries the bed, and tries to reach the new thing mommy has, but she just won't let him near it.

    Mommy keeps yelling at Butterbean. He does not understand. There is so much confusion, she always loved him and spent all day with him. Now she does not even pay attention to him at all. Daddy still pays attention to him sometimes, but not as much as before. He only seems to be trying to get him out of mommy's way.

    Butterbean becomes very stressed, and starts scratching. So much, that now he is angering mommy even more. Now she has kicked him out of the room and put him in a crate. Soon afterward the itching caused by stress becomes too much. Butterbean hears mommy tell daddy "He has got to go!"

    The ride to the vet was nice. It was great to get out of the house and the stress. Daddy is sad. This starts to bother Butterbean. Daddy always enjoyed taking him on rides before. But not today.

    Butterbean is happy to see the vet, he is such a nice man. Daddy starts crying when he is talking to the vet. The vet leaves the room and comes back with a small white card and hands it to daddy. Daddy stops crying, and takes out his phone. He talks to someone, and hangs up and says, "Lets get out of here Butterbean".

    Daddy takes Butterbean on another drive. They arrive at a place that smells like him. He goes inside and meets two other animals just like him. They sniff and start playing. This reminds Butterbean of his siblings, and his mom, who he long forgotten. He cannot quite place the happiness he feels as he does not remember them, but just the feeling he gets seems all too familiar.

    Daddy calls Butterbean and gives him a pat on the head.
    "We let you down, Butterbean, I am so sorry. Just know I love you and this will be the best place for you until you find a better home where you will be loved again like you once were by your mom." And he left. Butterbean never saw him again.

    His new mommy was super nice, she seemed to know everything to do to make him the happiest dog on the earth. His new friends that smelled like him were fun, and snuggly too. He went to many places, and was told he was going to be adopted someday.

    After a few months, a family came by just to see him. There was two short people, and a mommy. The short people were the perfect size to play with. And the new mommy was so nice and talked to him just like his old mommy. She looked him in the eyes and said, "I will never abandon you, welcome to your forever family".

    Butterbean has long forgotten his mom, his first mommy, his daddy now, it has been years. He is old and tired, and his mommy never did abandon him. He had once thought, will I ever be loved again? But he WAS.

    --by desertskybulldogs

    B is for beautiful to the bone
    U is for unmistakably understated
    L is for lazy
    L is for loved to the moon and back
    D is for doggone I'm in love
    O is for ornery
    G is for God..who made my Jake possible


    Great job everyone! Thank you all for participating!!
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