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  • Hospice Sponsorship: Danica and Pearl Updates!

    We have received some updates from our Hospice Sponsored Bullies!!

    We have a "Hospice Sponsorship" program here at English Bulldog News. If you are interested in learning more about the program, follow this link:



    Danica – a.k.a “Big Mama”
    Update 5/29/11
    Permanent Foster
    Indiana Bulldog Rescue
    Written By: Danica’s Foster Mom – Melissa

    Danica and I were talking and she reminded me it was time to give all of her friends and supporters an update.

    Although Danica’s arthritis and blindness slow her down she never stops amazing us. She keeps us smiling and laughing every day! She’s defiantly a girl that knows what she wants and makes sure we know what it is too! Just the other day I was washing her pillows and apparently I wasn’t fast enough for her liking. She decided that a basket of towels would suit her, so she got in and made herself comfortable. She is always the first to dinner and she never misses the opportunity for treats!

    For nearly a year we’ve tried several medications to help with her severe dry eye, but none of them seemed to give her much improvement. After consulting with an ophthalmologist a recommendation was made for another medication. Of course we wanted to try anything that was going to make her feel better, but it wasn’t going to be easy…..The medication was no longer in production and we would have to find a compounding pharmacy that had the experience and the formula ingredient to make it. We searched high and low – several places could not make it or the cost was outrageous, but I kept searching. We finally found a compounding pharmacy in Ohio that was able to make it and do it far cheaper than several other places. After a month on the medication the appearance of her eyes had improved and she didn’t have as much goo. There was also another tear test performed – unfortunately her tear levels did not improve. Now the vet is suspecting that perhaps at some point in her early life her tear ducts may have been removed when a Cherry Eye procedure was performed.

    Certainly with Danica’s age and conditions comes worry and concern as her foster mom. I try to prepare myself for the unexpected, but that’s not easy to do. Last week was one of those unexpected moments when I found a mass on one of her mammary glands. Within days I took her to the vet for examination. While examining her, several other nodules were found on other mammary glands. Danica’s vet can’t be too optimistic; because statistics show dogs spayed later in life have an 80-90% chance of developing mastectomy cancer. Without a biopsy we can’t be 100% sure, but it doesn’t look promising. Danica is going to need a double mastectomy and a biopsy. Because the area of the mass is quite large, this will have to be performed in two separate procedures due to the amount of tissue that will have to be removed. For Danica’s comfort one side will need to heal before more tissue is removed. This can be very uncomfortable for dogs that don’t have a lot of extra skin tissue. The up side is Danica does have extra visible skin tissue. Danica is scheduled to have a one sided (Right) full mastectomy and biopsy on June 1st. She will then recover for 2-3 wks. and return to have the left side mastectomy procedure.

    Danica and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donations. Please keep Danica in your thoughts and prayers.


    I am Hula's Mom and I just want to thank everyone for their generous monthly donation to help with her up keep. Hula is the love of my life and an amazing bully. I am not sure if you know but she has become a foster Mom to a bully named Paris. Paris is from a Puppy Mill and she was used over and over to make babies just like Hula.

    Thank you all and your help is so appreciated.


    Please enjoy some of these pictures.

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    1. goobers mom's Avatar
      goobers mom -
      Thank you so much for the updates on these special girls, I will keep Danica in my prayers during these times of recovery
    1. Laura M Velazquez's Avatar
      Laura M Velazquez -
      Thank you for the updates. I hope both girls continue to do well. I wish the best for Danica with her surgery. I will keep them in my prayers. I'm glad there is a program such as this to help with the well being of the EB. Thank you foster parents. I know it must be a tough job.
    1. kazzy220's Avatar
      kazzy220 -
      We love to have these updates ... and I'll pray for Danica throughout both of the surgeries!!

      You can see in both of their faces that they now know that they are safe.
    1. GatorRay's Avatar
      GatorRay -
      Danica can't catch a break can she? We will keep her in our thoughts as she goes through her surgery. It really is wonderful how much you both care for them. It is good to know that they both are loved and know it!
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