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  • English Bulldog Breeding DOs and DONTs!

    Are you considering bulldog breeding or are you already a breeder?
    Do you want to be a good breeder?
    Here is a list of DOs and DON'Ts
    Regarding English Bulldog Breeding

    Good breeding practices are important!
    Here is some great practices you should follow to be an excellent and respectable breeder.
    Do these things, and keep your puppies safe!


    • DO Make sure your bulldog is health screened by a good vet prior to breeding
    • DO Create a contract that states that if the new owners can no longer care for their dog, you have first right returns
    • DO go over all of the needs of a bulldog with potential buyers, and make sure they have disposible income for vet emergencies.
    • DO make sure every buyer knows and understands the needs and responsiblilities of owning and English Bulldog!
    • DO feed your bulldogs nothing but high quality food, and recommend new buyers to do the same. Tell them about cheap dog food, and what problems it causes in bulldogs.
    • DO Microchip all the puppies you sell and register the microchip for the new owners, with your name as the backup contact.
    • If you are offering stud service, DO make sure you get a vet check on the female that she is healthy for breeding.
    • DO take good care of your bully mama. She deserves to be pampered, and her immune system will be comprimised. Make sure she is eating plenty of good food and taking additonal supplements to get back to full health.
    • DO make sure your dogs are happy and healthy. Never keep them caged all day. These are BULLDOGS!!! They need human interaction to be happy & healthy.
    • If you are considering breeding Bulldogs you should not attempt this by yourself without having an experienced mentor to help guide you through the process and be there for you. All sorts of things can arise during the pregnancy and while raising the pups so it's very important to have a mentor who's been through most of these situations to give you important guidance. DO find a mentor with experience!


    • DON'T ever breed your dog without getting health screened by your vet.
    • DON'T ever sell a puppy to just anyone. Make sure they understand all of the needs of caring for a bulldog, and have some disposible income for emergencies.
    • DON'T feed your bulldogs cheap foods to cut costs. Look into breeder programs on good quality foods, and make sure the buyer understands the importance of a good quality dog food.
    • DON'T breed your dog just to make extra cash, or to go through the experience of breeding. Breeding any dog, especially bulldogs, is something that needs to be thought about and taken VERY seriously.
    • DON'T sell puppies that are not microchipped, and don't give that responsibility to the buyer. Most buyers will never register the microchip, even though it is not expensive.
    • If you are offering stud service, don't breed with just any female that wants to pay! You are "pimping out" your dog! Be be sure the female you are breeding or are studding your male out to is free of any obvious serious health defects or conformation faults that you don't want to see passed on to the litter. Breeding responsibly means bettering the breed...not cranking out puppies that are a bad reflection of the breed because you didn't do your homework on the common health issues and correct conformation to enhance what you are producing.
    • Don't ever kennel your dogs all day. They should have daily play and snuggle time with you. They need love and attention to stay healthy!
    • Heaven forbid, don't ever let your dogs sit in their own feces!
    • Daily care is a must. Don't ever ignore your bulldogs hygiene. Daily wrinkle cleanings, weekly ear cleanings, bi-weekly bathing are a must to keep your bulldogs at optimum health.
    • DON'T try English Bulldog breeding without any help from an experienced breeder. All sorts of things can arise during the pregnancy and while raising the pups so it's very important to have a mentor who's been through most of these situations to give you important guidance.

    Do you have a DO and DON'T for breeding? If you are a breeder who has something to add, please email me at webmaster@englishbulldognews.com and you will be credited for your input.

    Contributers to this article: Desert Sky Bulldogs, High Desert Bulldogs
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    1. izstigspunks's Avatar
      izstigspunks -
      Great advice! I don't think I would ever delve into the world of breeding, way too many risks and stress. I'm more of a babysitter type.
    1. roanne9145's Avatar
      roanne9145 -
      Great advice! I also make sure their is a contract in place so that all this good advice is in writing.....I espeicially like doing the ground work for the microchip. Something I haven't done but will now. Thanks