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  • Member Spotlight: laurendoodler

    laurendoodler (formerly known as Lauren Pohl)

    Hello, everyone! I would love to introduce myself to everyone here on the lovely English Bulldog News forum. I was messaged and asked to do one of these and thought, sure, why not! It could be fun. Letís type up something long and ramble about myself. Everyone loves doing that, right? Well, from time to time, anyways.
    I suppose I can start from the beginning!

    My full name is Lauren Elizabeth Pohl, and I was born on April 30, 1991 in Galesburg, Illinois. Iím going to be turning 20 this year! Wow, time flies. I am the oldest of three children. I have a 17 year old brother named Chandler and a 14 year old sister named Rachael. I was never really that girly of a kid..I was always more into being outdoors and playing outside with the animals. I would say that I was more of a tomboy than a girly girl. From a young age, I became a huge animal lover. My best friend growing up as a kid was a white cat named Casper. I was just obsessed with him! In fact, my first word was ďkitty.Ē Not mom or dad. That didnít make my mom too happy. Itís a funny story now, though. Casper was my buddy and I was always with him as a kid.

    I was always the kid bringing home the animals I found. I brought home so many cats that Iíve lost track. Iíd find sick kitties and just want to make them better. I had baby bunnies that had been abandoned that I nursed backed to health, and one time I even found an abandoned baby bird with a broken wing and managed to make him a splint and fix the wing. I was quite impressed with myself for that one! I guess you could say I have a special touch with animals. Iíve never met an animal that I didnít like or an animal that didnít like me. From a young age I loved pet animals and wild animals alike. Just look at this first picture..a wild bird flew into my hair!

    Alright, enough about the past! Iíll talk a bit about the present now. I live in Davenport, IA in the Quad Cities area. I work at Katun, which is a distributing warehouse. I really donít like it, but hey, a job is a job. Iím currently going to Scott Community College, getting some pre-requisite classes done. Iím hoping to transfer to Saint Ambrose next spring and get into their nursing program. If all goes well, Iíll graduate there with my bachelors in nursing. Iím looking forward to that! I want to be able to help people. Iíd really love to work in the emergency room. Itís fast paced and is a huge adrenaline rush. I just think that would be awesome!
    I love music, both listening to it and playing it. I can play quite a few instruments; the clarinet, the guitar, the alto saxophone, the keyboard, and the harmonica. I was in band from fifth grade throughout my senior year of high school and I loved it. Band nerds have more fun! Marching band was a blast. As far as listening to it goes, my favorite genre is probably country. I didnít start liking it until about a year ago, but I love it now. I like listening to it as well as singing/playing it.

    I love drawing and painting as well. Iím pretty bad about doodling during classÖbut if you put a pencil in my hand, Iím probably going to sit there and draw something! Iím best at cartoons, but I like doing realism as well. Iím not the best at it, but Iím improving. Iíve been pretty into digital art lately as well. I have a tablet that I hook up to my computer and I draw in Photoshop. Itís a lot of fun! I love drawing dogs the most. I canít draw people to save my life!

    My biggest hobby and passion is photography. I love it SO much. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T1i that I just love to death. Iíve got two lenses for it currently, a 35-55mm and a 70-200mm telephoto. Iím constantly taking photos with it and Iíve actually gotten really good. I occasionally get to do paid photography gigs, which always makes me happy, because getting paid to do something you love is awesome! Iíve recently gotten some more cameras, too. Iíve decided I wanted to dabble in film as well so Iíve gotten a few film SLR cameras. I also recently acquired a 1950ís Land Polaroid Camera. It is AWESOME! Iím hoping maybe someone has some film laying around for it that I could buy. That would be just so awesome, I think. Here are a couple photos Iíve taken (more can be seen at http://laurenpohl.smugmug.com if you want to browse!):

    I have an absolutely wonderful boyfriend who Iím crazy in love with, and think he just might be ďthe one.Ē His name is Tim, and I just love him! Heís a sweetheart and he gets my goofy, sarcastic sense of humor..and heís just like me in that sense, which is great! Weíre both crazy and love to laugh, and when you get the two of us together, it tends to be a riot. Weíre pretty amusing! Some people say itís just a little too much crazy for one relationship, but I disagree. You canít have too much crazy! I met him online and we had an instant connection when we finally met in person. We just ďclickĒ and are a perfect match for each other.

    Bulldogs have been my favorite breed of dog for as long as I can remember. Thereís just something about that smushy face that I just canít resist! Words donít even describe how obsessed I am with bulldogs..itís unhealthy. People that know me in person are constantly joking about how obsessed I am with bulldogs. I think what first started my love for them was seeing Mr. Beefy in the movie Little Nicky. He was just so cute and funny and made me fall for the breed! They are just the cutest and have the sweetest personalities. Iíve never met any other breed with as much character as an English Bulldog! I have been working on making a site dedicated to English Bulldogs (called Bullie Bonanza) for awhile now. Iím also obsessed enough that I have a bulldog tattoo on my left ankle. I drew the design and then had it tattooed! I love it.

    My bulldogís name is Delilah, and sheís a dream come true. Iíd wanted a bulldog for so long, and I specifically wanted a brindle and white. I had to work eighty hours a week at three different jobs in the summer of 2009 in order to be able to afford her and my school for that semester. She was so worth it though! On August 8th, 2009, I got to bring Delilah home. She was just the cutest puppy ever! These photos are both from the day I brought her home. It was love at first sight.

    Delilahís birthday is June 11, 2009. Sheíll be two years old this year. Itís so hard to believe that my little girl is already almost two. She is everything to me and I just love her so much! Iíve never had a dog that was as bonded to me as Delilah. She loves me just as much as I love her. She follows me around everywhere and is happiest when weíre doing things together. Weíre a goofy and unique pair!

    Delilah is kind of a freak of nature bulldog. She is really active and loves to run and go on walks. Weíre in the process of getting into agility now! Classes start soon. She can jump over five feet high. Iím not sure how she does it, but she does! Itís incredible. It always impresses people. We havenít even done classes yet, but she already looks awesome on some of the equipment!

    Well, I think thatís a good enough introduction for me! Hopefully I didnít bore you all to death. I leave you with a photo of one very happy bullie.

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    1. kazzy220's Avatar
      kazzy220 -
      What a wonderful story ... it was so nice to find out more about you and Delilah!!
    1. goobers mom's Avatar
      goobers mom -
      Thank you for sharing your story about yourself and Delilah she sure is awesome.
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      You are too cute! Thanks for sharing. I also love photography....but lighting is my toughest area. I love your story and your photos. I love how Little Nicky was your turning point....I hated that movie!
    1. LariP's Avatar
      LariP -
    1. BruceP's Avatar
      BruceP -
      Great bio!!!!!!!!!!!! Delilah is such a pretty bully and her agility training is going to be so much fun. I'm sure she will do quite well with your determination to guide her. Thanx for sharing.
    1. Bella'sMom's Avatar
      Bella'sMom -
      Lauren, Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your updates via Facebook daily. and Delilah is not only adorable but lucky to have such a great mum.
    1. laurendoodler's Avatar
      laurendoodler -
      Thank you so much everyone!!

      Delilah started classes last week and she did SOO good. haha. She was enjoying banging on the teeter totter...
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      You and Delilah are an awesome team. You are an awesome person! Thanks for sharing your well illustrated story!
    1. ILuvHudson's Avatar
      ILuvHudson -
      Aw, yay! I loved reading about you and Delilah! There wasn't a second of boredom at all. I'm glad you've shared yourself and Delilah! She's such a cutie!!!
    1. Chunksmama's Avatar
      Chunksmama -
      What a great story Lauren!! Can't wait to see how she does with her agility training ... I bet she'll do great!
    1. mkdemers's Avatar
      mkdemers -
      Awwww I love your story! Best of luck on your nursing career and to delilah!
    1. BruceP's Avatar
      BruceP -
      Thanks for sharing your 'story' with all of us here on EBN
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      Great story! Thanks..I cracked up at the picture with the bird in your hair! Why are you still smiling?? I would've freaked out!
    1. laurendoodler's Avatar
      laurendoodler -
      Thank you everyone!!

      And @JAKEISGREAT haha, I honestly don't know! Because I'm a huge animal lover and I was obsessed with all animals as a kid. If I bird flew in my hair now though..I think I'd have a different reaction.