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  • Member Spotlight: Bulldog Family

    My name is Stephanie. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Matt. He is my everything! We will celebrate our 12th anniversary Oct. 9. We have 2 children, Mick (age 9) and Maya (will be 7 next week). Right now in my house I have 4 dogs and 1 tank of fish.

    I got my first bulldog, Max about 6 years ago. I rescued him from a lady who takes in dogs that people don't want anymore and finds them homes. Well, anyway, Max was really ball aggressive and fence aggressive (that was the reason the person didn't want him anymore). He was about 4 when I got him. He had nails so long that they curled under his feet, he had seasonal alopecia, and was well... just not cared for. I trimmed his nails once a week for awhile (which he stood perfectly still for nail trimmings so I don't understand why his previous owners didn't trim them). And he absolutely LOVED my kids... esp. my daughter. When she slept, he slept. When she ate, he ate....

    Well, one night he was having trouble breathing. So I stayed up all night with him and took him to the vets where he needed a cage with oxygen. He ended up with CHF (congested heart failure) and put on some medications. A few months later, he started having seizures and so back to the vets we went and more medications. He lost control of his back legs, so I would pick him up to get him outside and I would carry him to his dinner bowl. He just wasn't the happy Max I knew... so we decided to send him to the rainbow bridge. That was Feb 1, 2007.

    I had LeRoy (American Bulldog) at the time. He was just a pup. Shortly after Max passed, we rescued China (english Bulldog/Black Lab mix) from the same lady we got Max from. She was and still is the sweetest, loving girl. She was 5ish when we got her.

    Leroy & China

    Then in 2010 I became a foster mom to my first French Bulldog. Her name was Clarice. I have had several Frenchies since Clarice. I still foster occasionally through the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. Through CFBR, I came across Norman-- and EBN. Norman and LeRoy did not get along when we first brought Norm home. I would ask a lot of questions there about dogs and fighting. With a lot of praying and hard work, Norman and LeRoy are friends. They sleep together and drink from the same dish at the same time. Norman also had a tendency to "hump" people and animals and objects. (This is why he went into rescue). We worked on that, also... and he is greatly improving.

    After much hard work, Leroy, Norman & China are now the 3 amigos!

    So, now I just rescued Bella who is from a backyard breeder. She is considered a "Razoredge Pitbull"... but they aren't pitbulls at all. They are considered American Bullies. Who knew?!? So she's looking to find her forever family.

    Bella Beans is up for adoption!

    So there you have it.... a boring country-girl who is living her dream!

    Norman & China napping

    Norman hiding in the grass!

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    1. Luvin My Bullie's Avatar
      Luvin My Bullie -
      great story!
    1. SargeandGriffon's Avatar
      SargeandGriffon -
      Great story! I'd be really interested in how you worked with Max with his ball agression - Sarge is occasionally obsessive/agressive with rocks/sticks and it would be great to learn some ways to curb that behavior.
    1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
      What a "non boring" life you lead! Congrats and kudos for all the rescues you have brought into your home and loved!
    1. kazzy220's Avatar
      kazzy220 -
      Fantastic story ... love finding out more about you!!