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  • True Story: Buster The English Bulldog Survives Motorcycle Crash

    Buster's story or saga began May 27, 2007. Five year old Buster and his owner were riding a motorcycle west on Highway 7 towards Sumpter, Oregon. As they rounded a curve about 21 miles from Baker City, Oregon the rear tire blew out. The cycle skidded onto its side. Buster's owner was thrown onto the pavement and knocked unconscious. Somehow Buster managed to wriggle out of his harness and when his owner came to, Buster was gone.

    Buster's owner spent the next 5 days searching the Sumpter Valley for him. No luck. Eventually he had to return to Seattle without Buster.

    Then on June 7, 11 days after Buster had gone missing, he was found by a couple who live near Sumpter. Buster was somewhat malnourished having lost 10 lbs. but otherwise healthy. Buster and his owner were reunited later that day. And yes, Buster is still riding a motorcycle.
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    1. sheshistory's Avatar
      sheshistory -
      Thank God Buster was found...and I love his doggles!
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      After the accident happened there was really a lot of publicity here in N.E. Oregon. Everyone kept an eye out for him. There were reports that he'd been picked up by a truck driver and taken out of state. It was a good day when he was found alive and healthy!