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  • Member Spotlight: TessaAndSamson

    Tessa And Her Fur-Kids, Samson & Loki

    My name is Tessa, I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in sunny southern California. I live with my wonderful boyfriend Dave and our 2 furbabies, Samson the bulldog and Loki the beagle, in a townhouse we bought together almost 2 years ago. I love spending time with my family, friends and furbabies, listening to music, going to concerts, camping, fishing, shooting, taking walks, riding my bike, going on road trips and enjoying life While I am enjoying the freedom of my youth right now I do look forward to getting married and raising a family one day. I've had pets my whole life and I have always loved animals very much (just tend to prefer dogs). All the dogs we had at home while I was growing up were saved from our local city shelter and were always mixed breeds.

    Almost 5 years ago I walked into a pet store near an apartment I was living in at the time. I was only 19 years old, living on my own and I really wanted a dog. Here I saw the face that would change my life. Sitting there was the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen, I was in love. I left that day empty handed but spent the next week researching the bulldog breed. Not only was Samson adorable but the bulldog breed was perfect for apartment life and being the lazy girl I am, a lazy dog seemed to be a perfect match. I knew they had a variety of potential health problems so I found a pet insurance company I liked that I planned to sign up with. A week later I went back, bought the puppy in the window and drove away in my Volkswagen bug. Over the past 5 years we’ve lived in different homes, different cities, there in the beginning I had a couple different boyfriends, we've traveled many places together, met a lot of people but the one thing that has stayed the same is that we've always been together. When I say Samson changed my life, I mean that whole-heartedly. I've spent a lot of time at the veterinarian with Samson over the years. Broken leg at 6 months that needed orthopedic surgery, spider bite to the face causing extreme swelling, needing tail pocket "maintainance," constant battle with allergies, a toy swallowed that needed surgery to remove it, a 6 month period of back to back ear infections, the list goes on. All this in and out of veterinary offices, researching to find answers, meticulously caring for his ailments, doing everything I could to prevent additional problems, it all led me to discover how much I loved the field of animal health care. So I decided to change my major in school from history (I wanted to be a history/economics high school teacher) to studying to become a registered veterinary technician (RVT). It was Samson that made me want to open a rescue one day as well. Although I had researched the English Bulldog breed, I never considered the importance of researching WHERE I got him from. When I learned the truth of where these pet store puppies come from, I was heart broken. I have been riddled with guilt since, for financially supporting such a business. I can't help but imagine where his mom and dad are, what conditions they live in. It has brought me to tears many times to be honest. With my education in animal health care, beyond actually working in a small animal hospital, I want to do anything possible to help the homeless pets of this world and advocate for improvements in animal welfare. One day, hopefully, Dave and I can move out of California and get enough property for me to start my own rescue at our home. While bullies are my favorite breed I love all dogs and animals. I would like to focus on rescuing dog breeds that you find the most of in your local shelters like, pitbulls, chihuahuas, labradors, german shepherds.

    Before I met Samson I did not know it was possible to love an animal so much. I have loved all my dogs in the past a great deal but there aren't words to express the strength of the bond that has formed between my little boy and I. I love him so very much, he has a piece of my heart, he's my pride and joy

    Loki (AKA Mrs. Beaglesworth) joined the family a little over 3 years ago when she was 5 months old. Dave really wanted a beagle, when he was 6 months old his family adopted a beagle mix from their local city shelter. Dave said Poochie was the best dog he ever had and he wanted another beagle ever since she passed. I love all dogs so I was more than happy to add another to our little family. I found an ad in our local pennysaver soon after. Loki's previous owners needed to find a new home for her. They really liked me from our phone conversations so they agreed to let us have her. Her name was originally Leia. Dave wanted to name her something different and he picked the name Loki out from a list of hunting dog names (Dave is an avid outdoorsman, bird hunting, fishing, etc). Loki is a sweet, happy go lucky, energetic, beautiful, independent little girl and we love her to pieces. Just like Samson, Dave and I have given Loki a MILLION nicknames.

    Interesting fact, Samson and Loki are very different but one thing they have in common is that the beagle and English Bulldog are both listed on the top 10 dumbest dog breed list

    Back in May 2010 I found a link somewhere on facebook for English Bulldog News. Ever since I got Samson I have been obsessed with bulldog everything so I had to check it out. I was hooked instantly! I never even introduced myself, I just registered and started joining in on all the different topics. I had read a ton on English Bulldogs before I found EBN and I thought I knew a lot but EBN has taught me so much more! What I really fell in love with was the ability to connect with other people that have such a strong love for the breed like I do. I guess my love of the site really showed because a month later I was invited to become a moderator. The site has grown A LOT since then and I feel honored to be a part of it. I have very much enjoyed being a member of EBN and spending my days with all you other wonderful members. Thank you all for the love, support and friendship!
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    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Tessa, I enjoyed reading your bio. You have learned a lot in your 24 years and I'm sure you are and will be very successful in the animal health care field!
    1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
      Lucy-licious -
      @TessaAndSamson when will you finish your vet training?
    1. KMARINO's Avatar
      KMARINO -
      Tessa I loved reading your bio also, you always have good input, and I enjoy all your post. You will be an excellent at what ever you choose to do. You are the age of my own boys and I wish they were half as mature as you. Samson and Loki are lucky to have you as their mommy!!
    1. Gertie's Mom's Avatar
      Gertie's Mom -
      Loved your story. This is so neat, learning all about how you came to have and love this breed. Best of luck to you in your vet tech and future rescue endeavors.
    1. Lacey28's Avatar
      Lacey28 -
      I also enjoyed reading your bio! Its great to get to know everyone more!
    1. TessaAndSamson's Avatar
      TessaAndSamson -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lucylambchop View Post
      when will you finish your vet training?
      @Lucylambchop I have a few years still. It's tough because I have to work full time so I just have to take what I can and is offered as night classes.

      Thanks everyone for your kind words
    1. Luvin My Bullie's Avatar
      Luvin My Bullie -
      Enjoyed your story!! Nice to put a face with Samson and Loki
    1. sheila's Avatar
      sheila -