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  • Member Spotlight: NikkiSchoolcraft

    Hi everyone my name is Nikki Schoolcraft, I’m 32 years old and I’ve been married for a year and a half. I’m originally from West Virginia but have lived in North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Texas, and now Indianapolis, IN. Of all the places I’ve lived Austin, Texas was my favorite. I met my husband, Matt in 2008 and found out we lived and grew up only a few miles from each other in Charleston W.V. What a small world! I knew he loved animals but he had never had a dog, only a cat. I’ve always been a dog lover; I’ve had a Pomeranian everyday of my life. I have had 5; Mookie will turn 14 this month. Currently I am also a proud bully mama of 3: Winston (2 ½), Hitch (3 ½), and Layla (2).

    After awhile we decided we wanted to start a family of our own and decided to start with a “fur kid.” We both said we liked English bulldogs but we knew little about them. After doing some research we became even more intrigued. We found a reputable breeder who had some puppies for sale. Before we left the house, we made an agreement that we weren’t going to buy the first one we saw and that we didn’t want a white one (I wanted a fawn or brown bully). So what did we do? We bought the first white one we saw! As soon as we got there my eyes locked on a little bully named Cleo (Winston). I instantly fell in love and he has changed our lives completely! Not only did I fall in love with Winston but I fell in love with the breed. I don’t think there will ever be a day where I will be without a bulldog in my life. He had and still has us wrapped around his little paw! Because Winston changed my life I wanted to change the lives of bully’s who were less fortunate. I wanted to help find them a home where they would be forever loved.

    Over the last 13 years I have had all kinds of jobs. I’ve done everything from massage therapist to retail management. I’ve had some jobs that paid really well but none of them made me as happy and fulfilled as volunteering with the Indiana Bulldog Rescue. There is no way I can put a price on the feeling I get from rehabilitating and finding a great home for a bulldog. Earlier this past year I came across a story about a bully named Champ and his mom Neely. I was so touched by their story that it inspired me to get involved in our local rescue. I filled out an application to volunteer for the Indiana Bulldog Rescue and waited “not so patiently” for a couple weeks. I finally got the call and was very excited. After going through the rescue process I started out as a foster mom and had my first bully in no time. Her name was Dixie and she beat up both of my boys and sent Mookie to the Vet, but I still fell in love with her. After a few months I met Hitch while his foster mom stopped by our house…I instantly fell in love. We adopted him about a month later. Hitch’s story is just remarkable and shows how important rescue are. I’m so proud to be a part of his amazing recovery. Hitch inspired me to do more in the IBR and I became an active board member as a Foster/Volunteer Coordinator. I also became an official “Foster Failure” when I met Layla. I knew the minute I met her that she was “home”. She was adopted Set.1, 2010. The IBR had a great year in 2010 and I’m so happy to be a part of it. We are off to a great start and plan on having a record year for 2011. No matter if I’m here in Indiana forever or move to another state I will always be an advocate of rescue and animal rights. One day I hope to start my own doggy day care or doggy boutique.

    My fur-kids and I are volunteers for Indiana Bulldog Rescue

    I’m also incredibly grateful to have found EBN! I have learned a lot from all of you. You all have saved me a ton of money, Vet trips, and most of all my sanity while dealing with my bullies’ allergies. I love that we “know” each others bullies and care about what goes on in each others lives. I also love that everyone is so kind, welcoming and patient. I recommend EBN to everyone!

    My 3 fur-kids, Winston, Layla & Hitch

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      Lacey28 -
      ! Its great to learn more about our members!
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      bullmama -
      Nikki could add so much more in the past year, I think she needs a member spotlight part II
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      bullmama -
      I am bumping this because Nikki is amazing, she is now running Indiana bulldog rescue, I am one of her biggest fans!