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  • Member Spotlight: mom2bullies

    Hello! My name is Myrna. I am 60 years old and I just retired after 23 years with the school district. I am the mother of 3 grown skin kids, 4 fur kids, 6 skin grandkids and 2 fur grandkids.

    All of my life I have had a love for dogs. After being single for 16 years and having a Dalmatian named Cheyenne, who was my life, I met and married my husband JD. My husband is a retired Marine and has always had a love for the bulldog breed. With Cheyenne getting on in years, I decided to surprise JD with a bulldog puppy. Knowing nothing about the breed, I looked on the internet at our local newspaper. I found a family who had one puppy left that they were previously going to keep, but decided against it. I called the number in the ad, left a message and she called me back while we were driving in the car. Her husband was also military, so I knew it was meant to be. I asked my husband how he felt about having an all white baby, and he looked at me and said, "Well I know you're not having one, so you must be talking about a bulldog!" I starting laughing and said, "Good guess!"

    The next day we were on our way up north to see the puppy and JD said to me, "You know we will be coming home with him." I said, "Yep!!!!" And we did! So began my love for the breed! As I began loving Chesty, I lost my dalmatian, Cheyenne to bone cancer. Very soon after, my husband began to search for a female bulldog for me.

    On Oct. 13th 2007, Cadence was born. When I saw her first picture from the breeder in Texas, I knew she had to be mine. At 8 weeks of age my husband sent my daughter (Libra926) and myself to Texas to pick her up. I was now mom to two bullies....which is where I came up with my user name, mom2bullies. As they grew, I fell more and more in love with the breed, wanting to know all I could. I was searching the internet all the time for information on bulldogs.

    As Cadi and Chesty grew older I decided I wanted to breed them. My daughter (Libra926) had also lost her dalmatian, Choctaw, to another form of cancer. Since she had fallen in love with Chesty, she had decided her next kid would be a bulldog. Knowing that puppies would be atleast 2 years down the road, she decided she couldn't wait and I couldn't blame her. Just 3 weeks after losing Choch, Mark and Cheryl brought Vegas home. When Cadi was two, I felt that she was old enough to breed and so the long process began. On June 17th, 2009, Cadi had a litter of two puppies, one female and one male. Sadly, the little boy survived less than 36 hours. With only one surviving puppy, we wanted her to go to my daughter and her husband. They had wanted another male, but when he passed... well, Orion became a female's name instead of a male's! I was so sad to see her turn 8 weeks old, knowing her new mom was waiting with open arms. Yet so happy to see her go to a loving home. I went from being a mom to Orion to being a grandma to Orion!!!

    In May of 2010 my daughter called me and told me of this great Bulldog site she had found and asked that I check it out. I love you EBN.... need I say more? I joined this great site and learned so much more, and found so many great people who love the same thing I do...Bulldogs.

    I found my self wanting to have another litter. Two heat cycles and 13 months later, Cadi became pregnant. Cadi's c-section was schedule for 7am on July 2nd, 2010. At 5am she went into labor. By the time we got her to the vet's office she had already started to push, losing one female puppy in the birth canal. Two more females were born (Charlie and Delta) without any complications, and the third was born (Echo) with his intestines on the outside of his body. The vet opened him up and put them back inside, giving him less than a 30% chance of surviving the next 24 hours. Well, he did!!!!! At that point the Vet gave him 50% chance of survivng the next three days....and he did!!! The Vet was truly amazed. We knew at that point, if Echo pulled thru, he was ours....and he did!!!

    Cadi & Chesty's litter of three.

    It was during this time, as the puppies were growing and needing to find their forever homes, that I found my self growing more and more tired and not wanting to put up with people who wanted my babies for the wrong reasons. We finally found a great home for one puppy, and during the process of trying to place the last puppy, I was diagnosed with ITP. ITP is a platelet disorder and this was the reason for my being tired all the time. 6 weeks after the ITP diagnosis, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    My husband and I decided that we couldn't answer any more calls from people wanting puppies, so we decided to keep both Echo and Delta. We changed Delta's name to Mello, so I am now the mom to four bullies!

    I not only love my bulldogs, but I love to spend time on EBN reading all the stories that everyone writes. I also love to embroider. I have two embroidery machines...yes I work hard, I have to change the thread. I also love traveling and collecting DVD movies.

    Here is a picture of Myrna's 4 Bullies playing, Mello, Echo, Chesty & Cadi

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    1. Lacey28's Avatar
      Lacey28 -
      and learning about our members!
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      ahurd -
      Awesome story My husband and I lost our bullie in Dec. it is so expensive to get another one that we are having to save our money and get another one but we will. You can see her on my home page. thanks again for the story.
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      Gertie's Mom -
      Really enjoyed your story!! Love the photos too.
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      KMARINO -
      Loved your story, and the pictures. I love reading these bio's, although we all have one thing in common, it is so nice to see personal stories and pictures of each other.