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  • English Bulldog News Member Spotlight: gatorfan85

    Member Spotlight: Meet gatorfan85

    My name is Leslie, I am 25 years old and a single mother of two wonderful boys and 2 fur-kids, Georgia my Olde English Bulldogge and Mr.Beefy my English Bulldog. I have loved dogs since I was a kid and was nicknamed 'Ellie May' by my dad. I have always had a soft spot for the bulldog breed and wanted to help animals in any way I can. As a child I use to ask for an English Bulldog for Christmas, but Santa was always out lol. I always said that when I was older I would have to find one. When I was 17 we moved to Georgia and everyone knows there are English Bulldogs everywhere but I didn't feel I was old enough or responsible enough to have one.

    At age 21 I was working for the Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer and felt that I was finally ready to have take on the responsibility of an English Bulldog. I had no clue where or how to go about finding the right one until I noticed an ad in the local paper for olde/eng bulldog pups. We finally had our bulldog puppy when and when he was about 6 months old, we noticed he was very stubborn. We found out stubbornness was not his problem, he was deaf. After that I researched deafness and taught him over 20 signs. Soon after that I had my second son and we noticed that our bully (DC) was acting lethargic. He was going into kidney failure and passed a few weeks later. I knew after that I wanted to help deaf dogs and one day open a Deaf/Special Needs Bulldog Rescue and spread awareness about deaf dogs. I since then have wanted to find a deaf English Bulldog puppy to start my research and become my alumni dog for my future rescue. Since he passed I started working from home due to migraines and re-enrolled in college to get my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice.

    In March of 2010 I joined English Bulldog News ...hoping it would aid in the search of that special deaf puppy. I wasn't very active in my membership until I was given a 3-5 year old English Bulldog named Beefy. I realized that I had no clue what I just gotten myself into and knew I needed help! I went on EBN and started looking for help and support. I found that and so much more. I have made great friends and met the most caring people through this site and I can honestly say without their support I wouldn't have been able to help

    Mr.Beefy become the happy boy he is today on the road to good health. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great rescues too and recently had the pleasure of temp fostering a French Bulldog with Spina Bifida until he went to his permanent foster. I have seen the horrors of rescue and felt the joy of helping. My children have also come to realize that even though a dog is not perfect they all deserve to be loved and cared for, I don't think I would have ever had the opportunity to show then this without EBN.

    I am still searching for my deaf puppy and also do cross-posting for rescues on Facebook and am a rescue moderator for EBN. Recently, I started helping with transport and my first experience happened to be saving a deaf American Bulldog from euthananasia. I had the opportunity to share this with my friends (family) on EBN and know that they will always be there for help, support and a good laugh when you need it. I feel as if they have been like a second family to me and I know that without them I would not have the great friends I have now. This site has opened doors for me that I don't think would have been opened otherwise, and I will be forever grateful to all of them.
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    1. Lacey28's Avatar
      Lacey28 -
      I this!
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      I know I love the member spotlight! Any volunteers for our next spotlight? Please message me!
    1. Gertie's Mom's Avatar
      Gertie's Mom -
      Very nice! I love hearing these spotlight stories!
    1. cali~jenn's Avatar
      cali~jenn -
      Yes great addition!
    1. Bella'sMom's Avatar
      Bella'sMom -
      Great story!!! It is fun to have another bully loving Leslie in the same town. She is a sweet heart and her boys will steal your heart!!!
    1. Pendragon's Avatar
      Pendragon -
      Yes I loved it too.. Was very nice to read...
    1. Butterbean's Avatar
      Butterbean -
      Great story and good to see you.
    1. kazzy220's Avatar
      kazzy220 -
      This article only proves what we already know ... that you, @gatorfan85, are a wonderful, caring and beautiful person. Thank you for sharing yourself with EBN.
    1. gatorfan85's Avatar
      gatorfan85 -
      Thank YoU!!! It means alot to me to be able to try and help when i can. I am going to start looking into things for starting my rescue so when the time comes I will be ready!!!!
    1. Gene_the demon's Avatar
      Gene_the demon -
      gatorfan85 lol i want to start a bulldog rescue someday too! Its good to know theres more of us out there that want to help out bullies in need.