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  • New Layouts For English Bulldog News

    Well, we were very disappointed last week when our save file for all of our created site pages (the ones that are not a part of the forums) became corrupt. We of course had a back up created two weeks prior but dreaded having to redo what we had done for two weeks. We were mildly frustrated to say the least.

    To prevent Lisa from going crazy and working herself into the ground trying to redo all of this, we decided it was time to reformat all of these pages and give them a 'look' that matches the style in our forums section. This transition will be a slow one. We decided to do away with all of the links, there was just so many of them and we think it took away from finding the real quality information we have available on all these site pages.

    These site pages should now load about 10x faster with the change. Please let us know if you can tell a difference.

    Along with the new site layout, we have provided some new 'styles' for you to choose from. These styles are found at the bottom left side of any forum page. Once you find a style you love, go to your settings in your profile to set it as your default style, otherwise it will go to default once you log out or your cache has cleared.

    We would love to hear your feedback on the new layout for the site pages (4 pages are complete so far- Home, Photo Contest Gallery, Rescue Then & Now Pages 1 & 2), and if you like the new styles- and if you would like to see a style in a particular color scheme as well. Don't hesitate to give constructive critisism, we welcome your feedback- good or bad

    Lisa & Chip
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. gatorfan85's Avatar
      gatorfan85 -
      LOVE the new layout. Looks grea and easy to navigate. GREAT JOB CHP AND LISA
    1. Libra926's Avatar
      Libra926 -
      I love it too!
    1. mom2bullies's Avatar
      mom2bullies -
      I love it, Lisa and Chip you guys did a great job...
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Thank you all, don't forget to check out the 13 new styles! I am still working on Pink for @Libra926, but the rest should be done and fully functional.
    1. cali~jenn's Avatar
      cali~jenn -
      Love the colors! Great job!
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